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Suzannah Claire

RSS Bug Report of Tags - 42 views

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started by Suzannah Claire on 03 Mar 08
  • Suzannah Claire
    I've noticed an error in translation of tags to RSS having to do with tags that are two words separated by a space with quotes around them. This has to do with the following: When you want to translate a space into a url, a "+" happens to be the way to signify space. However, Diigo just happens to have the fabulous function where a plus sign ALSO means that it is the narrowing down of a tag to the inclusion of other tags. Here is a good example.

    As you know, If I tag this Diigo Group as:

    "Diigo Communities"

    then the link to the "Diig Communities" tags would be:"diigo+communities"

    and would be translated in a web browser to be

    great coding on your part. we just need to do the same for rss. Here's the important part: The RSS for a tag "Diigo Communities" SHOULD be:"diigo+communities"

    and, like above, thus be translated in a web browser to be:

    However, the RSS url next to a tab doesnt have the necessary format of"diigo+communities"

    as stated above. Instead, the format is

    This means that when you click the RSS url for a tag that has a space in it, Diigo is looking for bookmarks tagged BOTH the first word and the second word, instead of both together. For example, the RSS url for "Diigo Communities" is currently the exact same url of a feed that has both the tag "Diigo" AND the tag "Communities". So when I post a feed for "Diigo Communities" , Diigo is looking for bookmarks that have the single word tag "Diigo" as well as the single word tag "Communities".

    In summary, the url for the RSS feed of a tag that is made up of two words and a space needs to have the quotes around it much like the url of the same tag has the quotes.

    Does this make sense?

    when you click on a tag like "Diigo Communities" which has a space in it, currently it is translating to:
  • Maggie Tsai
    Thanks! Looking into it now.
  • Suzannah Claire
    Thanks again Maggie! Let me know how it goes on this one too.

    maggie_diigo wrote:
    > Thanks! Looking into it now.

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