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Leigh Zeitz

RSS feed for the Community Searches - 51 views

RSS community search igoogle

started by Leigh Zeitz on 30 Dec 10
  • sandy_diigo
    Can you please send us the URL of webpage which you want to create an RSS feed for?
  • Leigh Zeitz
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this. I didn't realize that you had responded.
    I would like to have an RSS feed for
    This is a community search for the tag "eits2010" The search yielded a few sites with the tag eits2010, but whole bunch of sites that didn't have anything like the desired tag.

    I have also created a Jing video that explains the problem I am having.
    I used the tag "introduction" this time. When I searched my personal library, it found a number of sites that had the "introduction" tag. It also had an RSS button that I could use to get to the feed. (I must admit that I don't know how to find the RSS code to put into my iGoogle page so that I can access it.)
    When I search the community for the same tag, I get a whole mess of results but they have introduction in the title or ???, not just the tag. I also notice that there is no RSS button on these results pages.

    Please watch this video and get back to me about my options to get access to an RSS feed for a community search.

    Here is the video:

    Thank you,

    Leigh Zeitz
    University of Northern Iowa

    BTW, please send me a note at so that I don't miss your email again.
  • sandy_diigo
    When you do a community search for the tag "eits2010", whole bunch of sites appear as long as one user has tagged those items with the desired tag.
    We do not offer RSS feed for community search currently.
    Can you please tell us some user scenarios where you need such feature?

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