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Joshua Yeidel

RSS Feeds Not Accepted by Some Readers - 256 views

resolved rss tags feed groups bug

started by Joshua Yeidel on 16 Apr 09
  • Joshua Yeidel
    We are trying to get a feed from a Diigo group into a WetPaint wiki RSS widget. The goal is for all bookmarks with a given tag "ALT" to appear in the widget on "". When this failed, I tries to import the feed from Diigo into Yahoo Pipes. There were a variety of success and failure cases:

    * The RSS feed from the Diigo group with no tag specified works in both Pipes and WetPaint:

    * A feed which includes a tag specification does not work in either Pipes or WetPaint:

    (it appears that any value replacing ALT fails the same way).

    * Both types of feeds are compressed with gzip.

    * Both types of feed validate successfully at Both generate warnings (not errors) for "item should contain a guid element" and "missing atom:link". In the case of the group feed without tags, there is an additional warning that appears to be a problem with HTML within the description of one of the items - but the feed with the extra warning works, and the feed without the extra warning doesn't.

    * feeds from a single user with tags don't validate at

    This fails validation with "Missing channel element: description". However, the feed works with Yahoo Pipes and with WetPaint.

    * Single user feeds with tags work in Pipes; in WetPaint only the channel title and URL appear.

    * Single user feeds without tags are treated as invalid URL's in WetPaint, but work in Pipes. The output of this pipe validates (with warnings), and works in WetPaint.

    Obviously, we would like all these feeds to work in all these places. Not to belabor the obvious, but the point of RSS feeds is interoperability. Somebody with strong RSS-fu needs to look carefully at the output of the Diigo feed URL's.
  • Joel Liu
    I am looking into this issue.
  • Graham Perrin
    Similar trouble here. and other group feeds are rejected by and by


    > interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by
    > implementing the following recommendations.

    … (edit: I can't reliably paste the recommendations to the forum).
  • Vincent Tsao
    sorry, i had missed this topic. so everything is ok now?
  • Graham Perrin
    Bug bites any group feed that involves a tag.

    (Non-complex, basic group feeds are OK.)

    Bug bites those URLs in e.g. Google Reader and ThyNews.
  • Graham Perrin
  • Graham Perrin
    @ Michael

    What's the URL of the feed?
  • Vincent Tsao
    hi, there

    how about now?
  • Graham Perrin
    The four that previously failed with now succeed.

    The same four are also legible in Google Reader.


    Tag: resolved.

    (There's an issue with titles of feeds - not distinctive - which I'll post to a separate topic.)
  • Mark -
    My feeds continue to fail Feed Validator especially when I have 2 tags selected

    These feeds also won't load in certain feed renderers I use in Joomla.
    Can someone explain what the status of feed validation is?

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