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Suzannah Claire

"Hide Annotations" Bug In Toolbar - 31 views

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started by Suzannah Claire on 05 Nov 09
  • Suzannah Claire
    As of late, whenever I visit a URL that is previously bookmarked, the toolbar is not recognizing it as such. The option to remove it is not there, and to bookmark it means to re-tag it all the same. (I am currently doing housecleaning and thats how i noticed). It is for every single bookmark. Clicking "Refresh toolbar data" does not help.

    The bookmarks remain listed under "my library". But the whole thing makes cleaning up impossible. Any thoughts?

    Note: I have tried using the toolbar as the only firefox addon in a new profile without any other addons and I have the same problem.
  • Suzannah Claire

    This is a big bug!!! Please respond when you get to this!!

    Here's the problem.

    If you have "Hide all annotations" selected, then it shuts off the toolbars ability to recognize ALL information about that bookmarked page. So when you visit the link, it doesnt even register that you ever bookmarked it before. When you click "bookmark", your previous description, title, private/public, read/unread, list, and group options as well as all your tags are gone. Its totally as if you are bookmarking for the first time.

    Then if you switch back to "show annotations", you are able to see all your tags and description and groups and lists again.

    i doubt thats what you meant by "hide annotations" when you designed it!

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