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Where did the message button go? - 27 views Online Digital Marketing Courses with 100% Placement and Certification

help resolved menu hint message layout conversation friends

Suzannah Claire

Interface Mix Up in "Find People" - 15 views

From my old bookmarks: Includes: By name or email, by tags, by site, by URL, by advanced search From the new interface for finding people http://www.diigo.c...

invite friends search following suggestion orientation

started by Suzannah Claire on 07 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin liked it
Lamarck Jean

Friend request - 14 views

Diigo just send me friend request to my gmail account. I would want that diigo also send me the friend request in "my messages" of diigo interface. Sorry, my english is bad, I don't find the corre...

friends request

started by Lamarck Jean on 08 Aug 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Something similar to this feature? - 21 views

Try the Watchlist feature. It appears when you view a person's collection of bookmarks.

delicious inbox friends help send message resolved

Rich Curry

Friends bookmarks on sidebar - 27 views

I had added him to the watchlist, too bad about the friends tab, I think I would have used it for a quick look at what my friend was bookmarking. Thanks for your time and replies.. sidebar tab Friends Firefox help inconsistency

brian rodney

People Like Me: Give a visual indication of people already in Watchlist/Friends - 17 views

I think it would be useful on the "People Like Me" page to have a visual indicator of people who are already in my Watchlist so that I don't waste time going off to investigate their bookmarks again.

friends watchlist suggestion

started by brian rodney on 04 Jan 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Recommendations and "people like me" doesn't seem to work - 40 views

Hi People like me: We are redesigning this feature. Recommendation problem: We will look at

friends recommended

Joel Liu

Emailing Friends automatically - 36 views

That's a good idea. However, this feature can be easily misused by spammers. Do you have some ideas on how to achieve your goal and anti-spam at the same time?

bookmarks emai friends

Joel Liu

Not allowed to send messages to my Friends - 48 views

Hi Romain, We tried some anti-spam methods yesterday which produced a bug. We fixed the bug and you can send messages to your friends now.

bug friends message

Joel Liu

invite friends to my group - 52 views

There are 3 ways to invite existing diigo users to your group. 1. Click invite others in your group home page ===> Choose from your Diigo address book You can choose your diigo friends there. 2...

friends group


How to add an existent user to friend-list? - 29 views

Our next release will support very rich social features, so stay tuned.


Maggie Tsai

Possible to delete friends? - 37 views

Hi Noelreid, Not at the current site - but certainly the next V3 release. Please stay tuned...

delete friends uninvite

Maggie Tsai

Why can't I add friends? - 34 views

Friends section is substantially enhanced in V3. Stay tuned...

contact friends

Maggie Tsai

Hi All --- M new can u HELP - 25 views

Welcome to Diigo community. Add friends along lots of other new features will be soon available. Please stay tuned.


Maggie Tsai

inviting currrent users to be friends - 94 views

Couldn't agree more :-) We've decided to release a bunch of new stuff together - since they are highly interwoven and integrated. Adding / finding friends is definitely one of them.


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