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Link to Full size image in RSS feed - 21 views

Is it possible to add link to Full size image in RSS feed, so that image is easily extracted. THX!

RSS image

started by tehnopoint on 08 Dec 11 no follow-up yet
Shibela .

Save image: unwanted behavior / bugs - 26 views

Hi, This actually seems to be happening across the board regardless of whether the item being saved is an image or a regular bookmark. However, I think the action is limited to the Diigo Toolbar...

bug save image image save highlight title description private public

Tyme 2.0

No more image in some manually "cached" bookmark ! ...why ? - 31 views

well .. I see in my " Cached page I uploaded" 2 links : - webpage : no image - screenshot : with image please explain why / how does it work ( ? ) ( I'm lost ! )

Diigo snapshot cached image bug


Capture Feature - 34 views

Yeah, I get that. But how likely is it that the part of the page I want is max. 800x600 (or whatever your screen resolution is)? For instance, I wanted to make a capture of an article, without the ...

capture snapshot image

Graham Perrin

Feature request: Highlight images and short words - 32 views

> images An image alone can not be highlighted. A common workaround: * include in your selection some relevant words on one or both sides of the image.

Image Picture suggestion highlight resolved duplicate


Save this image to Diigo fails? - 57 views

It is a specific webpage only containing a picture in Jpg format.This image can not be saved to library on FF. But it can be saved on IE. Since FF does not allow any injection of codes. How about u...

image toolbar bug

BMB Library

Save Image + add tags - 165 views

Hi, is this still in the works? It is a feature we would really really like to see, as it would potentially consolidate image researching and net links to one place... As it stands, it's too time ...

Tag Diigo image save

Graham Perrin

Library: view menu disappears when viewing images - 6 views

Comparison The view menu in a group does work as expected for moderators, e.g. — basically OK

inconsistency library image view menu gpd4

My Monaro

Turn off image capture - 124 views

I am using the same version of Firefox and Diigo as Mel Roth, but I am unable to see Options | Miscellaneous | Detect Media I would like to turn this feature off.

image capture diigo help detect media save resolved

Graham Perrin

"Original Size" links for images not working - 38 views

@ Frederik Van Zande Please, does look fine to you, too? Or is there still a problem for you?

bug redirect problem image original size error diigo v5 Amazon S3

Graham Perrin

Cannot bookmark images with the Diigo Chrome Extension - 63 views

> image To bookmark non-HTML content such as images and Portable Document Format, you can use the Post to Diigo tool.

bug help image resolved

Gilmar Mattos

Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket - 1 views

    Another alternative for uploading and sharing pictures.
    Hi, could you post this bookmark instead to a group that's related to sharing of photos and videos? Thanks.
Graham Perrin

Annotated link lacks style and graphic content - 10 views presents a poor view of I expected style image graphic annotated link bug gpd4

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