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[News] How to transfer your Furl links - 276 views

Thanks someone1000. That link just goes to the page mentioned earlier, which is dead. I guess I didn't transfer any of the links/bookmarks from Furl to Diigo in time, and now I don't even know...

diigo furl news faq


Buttons vanished from the Toolbar - 25 views

It's version of the Diigo Toolbar. Thank you though. I was able to fix it now. What I had to do was to go to View > Toolbars > Customize in Firefox, and scrolling down that window I ...

toolbar button Firefox 3.0.7 bug resolved


Hyperlink & Picture insert do not work in Rich Text editing mode of Sticky - 30 views

Thanks for quick solving of the problem!! maggie_diigo wrote: > Thanks for reporting. The new FF toolbar should fix this problem. Please verify. Thanks

bug hyperlinks picture sticky note


Sticky note text disappears after a short pause. - 32 views

To close the loop, this new version of the tool bar has resolved the issue on both Mac and PC in firefox. hightechdad wrote: > Thanks Maggie. > > The "preview" release of the new toolbar DID cor...

sticky note

The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

StumbleUpon = Worthless Traffic | DAY JOB NUKER.COM - 0 views

    Bringing this down to the bottom line, yet another blogger shares his experience, of watching people bounce away without doing much of anything on his site. How much is traffic like that to a site, and how much will somebody be willing to pay to keep getting more of it? As the author says, "The problem is that when I stumble I am in the mood for some fast action. I don't want to be bothered with heavy reading and just want to be amused." a spirit that, as somebody in one of the sites bookmarked above argues, Stumbleupon's business model gives the company and its management a perverse short term incentive to encourage. But can one encourage impatience and then, moments later, hope that impatience will suddenly vanish the moment a visitor reaches a sponsor's site? Or does behavior, once reinforced, tend to linger? Does the company really expect those sponsors to not notice that their bottom line isn't being helped, just because they hope it will, and assume that it must?

Kate Gosselin: A lot of things, and drained away, just for a moment! - 0 views

    Kate Gosselin: A lot of things, and drained away, just for a moment! admin July 24, 2014 A lot of things, and drained away, just for a moment! Any time to calm suffering is our own; The comfort of others, just a dose of cool in the summer and warm inwinter; Can we have a moment and comfortable with pain but does not replace them. Was his shoulder in pain rather than learn to forget; Wipe the window of your own mind, look at the attitudes of life and bustle outside. Many things vanished, just for a moment. Youth……!

Importatnt!! - The order of clippings is now preserved?? - 24 views

Hi Maggie! I was very chatty again in the above post. I've looked after and can not reproduce momentarily this error. Now everything worked well. Certainly, i was who made some shuffling. Aside...

bug clipit


Due to US supply drop Crude Oil vanish over 1 % 10 Dec, 2015 - 0 views

    Today, Crude oil futures plummeted over 1 per-cent in the native market while tumbling to a 6 year low in the overseas market as investors, observers and speculators regained to a heavy sell-off in the energy commodity amidst continued fears that a global oil glut may exacerbate due to the fallout of the OPEC's decision to maintain production at high levels, and sluggish world wide growth of economy which may weaken requirement.
Alex Parker

Your Snapchat 'stories' will soon have ads - 1 views

    But user data will not be used to customise ads, says CEO. Snapchat users will soon begin watching ads in their 'stories', as the tech start-up looks at generating revenues. Stories let users put together photos and videos and create a kind of slideshow. The stories remain for 24 hours before vanishing from the receiver's database.
James Hatch

How to Bring Back Libraries in Windows 8.1 - 0 views

    One of the most highly hyped additions to Windows 7 was "Libraries" and it continued to Windows 8. It is a way to find and sort files without having to navigate across various sweeping folders. However, it vanished in Windows 8.1. Follow this video tutorial to bring back "Libraries" in Windows 8.1
Graham Perrin

All bookmarks made after Aug 3 are gone - 26 views

Subject: meanings of spinners and other 'busy' signs in an already busy and multi-purpose dialogue > the spinning cursor (indicating "working") was taking a while to > find "suggested tag...

Joel Liu

word "bookmark" vanished from button (screenshot) - 28 views


toolbar button Firefox bug

started by Herbert on 29 Apr 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Please make an icon for the Bookmarks button! - 31 views

> an icon for the Bookmarks button The opening post #1 is missing but as far as I know, the button does have an icon in current versions of Diigo. Tag: resolved

Button Icon vanished suggestion resolved

Graham Perrin

Text of "Bookmark"-Button vanished - 12 views

Probably not the same issue, but the workaround referred from toolbar button-related might help.

Firefox 3.0.7 toolbar button bug

started by Herbert on 26 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Add New Bookmark? - 308 views

Also useful, and easier to reach than the (low) 'Add a bookmark' field: * the Post to Diigo button.

add bookmark new suggestion help resolved

Joel Liu

Highlighting URLs with variable parameters - Problem and Idea - 25 views

The way I see it, diigo only saves highlights for a constant URL. But many dynamic web applications add parameters to their URLs which are often only valuable for the server (sometimes as a replace...

highlight url

Graham Perrin

Unable to use Diigo menu in Firefox menubar - 17 views

Kudo for the Diigo Team! Whomever made it work, it was worth the efforts ! Thank you very much, my Diigo Menu Lists & Groups are back again!! Firefox menu bug resolved duplicate Mac OS X

Nick Drew

Firefox Remove Bookmark button text vanishes - 64 views

Although it seems to be a small problem, it is hard to be solved. We use standard firefox API and it still causes some confliction.

bug UI GUI diigo Firefox Mozilla Firefox

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