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Importatnt!! - The order of clippings is now preserved?? - 24 views

bug clipit

started by iplnts on 25 May 07
  • iplnts
    Hi Maggie!

    I shouldn't like hurry on your team, but i like using Diigo on a daily base, and i feel these problems are very hot!
    I know, your team may be in continous huge working on of some earlier & future features' improvements being been posted by many of us. (ie. tags, Bookmark order, highlight color, ..etc.) and certainly they have another tasks on ToDo than these only!

    However there is a problem again with:
    The order of clippings is now preserved .

    What is written on your What is New pages under this header:

    ...The sequential order in which multiple clippings of the same webpage are displayed now follows their original positions on that webpage. So for example, if you made 10 highlights on a long web article, then the 10 clippings corresponding to the 10 highlights will be sorted according to their original positions in the article (and not according to the time the highlights were made)...

    It is unfortunately fails now. The clipping order is either displayed by the original position or erratically in the My Bookmark Expaned view.

    I don't know what may cause this.
    I used and basically not in sequential order the clippings with the below commands criss-crossed:
    - the right menu Diigo in main window: highlight or higlight & and sticky note
    - drop-down or floating Diigo menu when highlighted any text: highlight or higlight & and sticky note
    - form the Diigo toolbar : Highlight button
    - form the Diigo toolbar : Sticky Note button
    But, the result of the clipping order in the My bookmark Expanded view was a bit confused.

    Please look after if it is possible!

    It would be eliminated if the clipping order would be rearrangable in the My Bookmark Expanded view by dragging the clippings to the appropriate place by the owner, as it was proposed to be allowed also for the bookmarked pages' order.
    Re: Rearranging of Bookmark order at MyBookmark

    Please see here again about the enforcing of the rearrangement of bookmark order somehow owing to it also would conduced to the above error.

    The latter I mean, the boomark order rearranging also very miserable, and would be demanded to be soon as possible.
    Naturally there may be tricks to rearrange the already bookmarked pages.
    I can for eample open the already bookmarked page in another browser's tab. I can delete the page from the Diigo My Bookmarks' order and then bookmark again this page from the browser view. This process can retain the tags, but not the clippings. Those vanish. Owing to the opened page in another browser's tab was initiated from the MyBookmark view thus, i can see both the earlier clippings and tags! It is obvious when i delete the page the clippings vanish and when this page has been bookmarked again, the tags would be rewritten. Although the clippings are not yet in the fresh bookmarked pages even so i can see them yet in the browser view, and i must somehow delete or re-clipit.
    I made this very exhaustive work either to be the already typed long tags at least retained or i hoped the clipping kept also. But certainly this abnormal manipulation could cause also the above error.

    Thanks for you listening of my comments.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Please advise the URLs that you're having problem with - also, like to take of look of your pages (please set them as public so we can view.) Thanks
  • iplnts
    Hi Maggie!

    I was very chatty again in the above post.
    I've looked after and can not reproduce momentarily this error. Now everything worked well.
    Certainly, i was who made some shuffling.

    Aside from it, it would be really great and useful to arrange (move) arbitrary the clipping boxes', also the bookmarked pages' sequence.
    I guess, it is also not so simple to solve technically and you have already answered me on my another post these are on the ToDo list! I'll be more patient! There is not any trick until!


    maggie_diigo wrote:
    > Please advise the URLs that you're having problem with - also, like to take of look of your pages (please set them as public so we can view.) Thanks

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