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sken frith

Unable to use Diigo menu in Firefox menubar - 17 views Firefox menu bug resolved duplicate Mac OS X

started by sken frith on 02 Mar 09
  • Graham Perrin
    This seems to be a duplicate of a previously reported bug,
  • Graham Perrin
    The primary Diigo menu (with Bookmarks to its left, with Tools to its right) is mostly non-functioning.

    @ Kaboo Everything Kids

    The non-functioning menu is not related to (not detrimental to) the …Bookmark… dialogue.

    Can you add details, maybe a screen shot, to a separate topic?

  • Kaboo Everything Kids
    Sorry, I posted a separate message for the topic after your response above and I don't know where it went since it did not show up in the forum.

    Anyway, I solved my problem of not seeing "My Lists" & "My Groups" content from the Diigo menu on Firefox by moving to the Flock browser but then today, oops , all the contents of the Lists and Groups in that menu all vanished!. Not from of course, but it's much handier to see all of them there, and they tell me that a certain web site has already been bookmarked with the Bookmark button turning red. Now, when the bookmark window pops up, I cannot add anything anymore either to "Share to a Group" or "Share to a List". This has become quite an issue for me since it forces me to stop bookmaking. Please help!
  • Kaboo Everything Kids
    Kudo for the Diigo Team!

    Whomever made it work, it was worth the efforts ! Thank you very much, my Diigo Menu Lists & Groups are back again!!

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