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Pistos Christou

Add New Bookmark? - 308 views

add bookmark new suggestion help resolved

started by Pistos Christou on 01 Apr 08
  • Pistos Christou
    (Side note: You can't click outside the tag suggestion dropdown in these forums to make it go away!)

    Hi. This used to be available, but isn't any longer. One of your interface engineers deserves a trophy for successfully hiding it away in some undiscoverable corner of the interface. Or perhaps you guys just removed it altogether.

    How do we add a bookmark from itself? Meaning to say, not with the bookmarklet, and not with the toolbar.

    Only reason I ask is, about 1% of the time the bookmarklet refuses to show up.
  • Wade Ren
    not available now. will be added soon
  • Vahid Masrour
    Hey there! Same issue here! How come that handy feature just vanished? I am on a pc that is not mine, and adding the toolbar is not an option. How do i add a bookmark? Pretty basic stuff i think.

    Otherwise, Diigo 3 DOES rock.

    Wade Ren wrote:
    > not available now. will be added soon
  • Bob Bartley
    I agree, at school we can not install toolbars due to permissions etc. Is there any idea as to when this feature will be added? BTW This tool is very cool. Helps share the power of the web to educators.
    Bob Bartley

    Wade Ren wrote:
    > not available now. will be added soon
  • Joel Liu
    You can add a bookmark directly from "My boomark" page now.
  • Vahid Masrour
    Fantastic! Now that was pretty responsive!

    May i suggest/request you give access to the tag suggestions (from my tags) that we get when we use the toolbar bookmark tool, or am i just being pushy?

    Thanks for the quick (to me) implementation of this feature, i can't help but falling more and more in love with Diigo.

    Joel Liu wrote:
    > You can add a bookmark directly from "My boomark" page now.
  • Jack Beaudoin
    Did this feature disappear again in Version 4? Help... please.
  • Jack Beaudoin
    Arghhh... Never mind, I found it. For anyone else looking, the add new bookmark block appears on the bottom right hand side of the "My Library" page.
  • Graham Perrin
    Also useful, and easier to reach than the (low) 'Add a bookmark' field:

    * the Post to Diigo button.

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