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started by ranknfile on 06 Aug 07
  • ranknfile
    The way I see it, diigo only saves highlights for a constant URL. But many dynamic web applications add parameters to their URLs which are often only valuable for the server (sometimes as a replacement for cookies), but not for the client, because exactly the same content is returned.

    To illustrate:
    When we surf diigo's homepage, we discover the link
    On this page we underline the paragraph about diigo.
    However, when we search CNET for the "Top ten research tools", the link suddenly is slightly modified:
    We will discover that all our highlights have vanished, although it's still the same contents.

    How can this problem be countered?
    I suggest that every user gets the option to maintain a list of such links. I believe that Regular Expressions would be suitable, but too complicated for most and probably to difficult to implement.
    I think it would suffice, if one simple writes the beginning of the URL and then lists parameters for in-/exclusion.

    The status quo is:
    for all "" method=exclude params="". // include every parameter except for 'none'

    For the example URL, it could be like this:
    for all "" method=include params="". // only include 'none' <=> exclude all <=> ignore all parameters

    For a Google search with the following URL:;q=diigo&amp;btnG=Search
    for all "" method=include params="q". // only include parameter "q"

    What do you think about that?

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