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HELP: bookmarking pages requiring a login - 26 views

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started by lucite on 01 May 07
  • lucite

    I tried to bookmark a page from the LA Times and when I return to it from my dashboard the cached version is the login page for

    Here's the URL of the page I was trying to bookmark:,1,3895718.story?track=rss&ctrack=3&cset=true

    P.S. it would be nice to be able to search the forum by text string - I'm not sure what the advantage of your current foum format is as opposed to the traditional threaded type.
  • Maggie Tsai
    We're aware of this - it's on our to-do list to see if we can improve on the cache area and address this issue.

    Search in forum - also on our to-do list.

    We welcome and appreciate
    our users' continuous help and inputs. We do listen :-) We're multi-tasking on lots of new feature development and are carefully balancing our priorities. Lots of goodies forthcoming. So stay tuned :-)

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