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Graham Perrin

summary of recent issues/symptoms relating to caches, indexing and searches - 61 views

Joel Liu wrote: > We will have more computation power soon. That's smart, thanks to Joel/Diigo :) My aim in this topic was to whittle some symptoms, mainly for nearby

resolved cache load performance search bookmark bug

Robin Powell

[Important] Furl transition update - 344 views

I am very disappointed that I did not learn of the Furl transition to Diigo until very late in March, between the 20th and 30th of March. I found out by doing some research here in the Diigo forum...

furl faq

Graham Perrin

Diigo Adds More Research and Collaboration Features - 9 views

  • Diigo Adds More Research and Collaboration Features
  • September 29th, 2009
  • Charles Hamilton
  • ...30 more annotations...
  • When Mike reviewed
  • last year, he liked its simplicity, its connections with other services, and its wealth of features.
  • private or shared
  • no matter what a user wants, it’ll be there
  • users can now archive web pages from a particular point in time
  • highlighting in multiple colors
  • growing beyond social bookmarking
  • sizes of sticky notes
  • Links to the archived and annotated web pages can be shared
  • recipients don’t need any special software
  • Groups can be set up to comment, tag and collaborate on projects
  • still in beta
  • intuitive
  • educational accounts are available
  • an abbreviation for “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff.”
  • Diigo is pronounced as “Dee’go.”
  • Diigo’s impressive feature list
  • indeed one of the best and fastest bookmark services
  • a really great update!
  • their innovation is a hair’s breadth now from being what I think they always wanted it to be
  • development is almost at the point where business and individuals alike can do research in ways never before thought of
  • the core tool could be refined
  • degree this version has done some of that
  • one of Web 2.0’s most successful and worthwhile startups
  • Phil Butler — 8:12 AM on September 30, 2009
  • found its update to be tremendously helpful, in terms of UX and focus
  • increases collaborative efforts
  • information management
  • robert bale — 10:33 AM on September 30, 2009
  • Herbert — 3:34 PM on September 29, 2009
    Nice comments from Phil Butler!
Graham Perrin

Diigo 2009 - 1 views

Graham Perrin

Please restore the ability to sort by date added/created (was: Library out of order! -I... - 211 views

Thank you so much! I'm 99% certain that some users will prefer the Diigo 4.0 beta behaviour - sort by date edited, reverse order (most recent at top) so what I'm requesting - ...

rant regression dislike priority order inconsistency bookmark library date sort browse gpd4

Graham Perrin

Diigo: the Ultimate Bookmarks Solution - The 2.0 Life - 2 views

  • Diigo: the Ultimate Bookmarks Solution
  • September 28, 2009
  • by David Pierce
  • ...32 more annotations...
  • a huge fan of Instapaper
  • for all my bookmarking and reading
  • the application I use most often
  • one of the 21 iPhone apps that make everything awesome
  • manage information
  • it’s losing the battle for my usership to Diigo
  • fantastic bookmarking service
  • an iPhone app from Diigo
  • wasn’t as good as Instapaper – until now
  • a new release that  might just blow all other information-managers
  • out of the water
  • that was all already available from Diigo – and I eventually left
  • why I’m switching back:
  • follow someone on Diigo
  • tap into a whole network of bookmarks
  • the usefulness of Twitter, without the inane
  • always been better
  • download bookmarks and read them offline
  • Diigo lets you archive an entire web page, and make it searchable
  • quick snapshots of how a site looked and felt, both in HTML and image format
  • easier to save, tag, and find bookmarks
  • Simpler interface
  • caseyallen 1 week ago
  • I won't use any service unless I can capture or retrieve in under two clicks
  • it rocks
  • Diigo does that
  • reap the seeds
  • serve me quite nicely for years to come
  • Well done Diigo team
  • 6 days ago
  • I spotted potential in them months and months ago
  • XHi there! Thanks for coming by. We're in the middle of a contest for a computer bundle worth well over $1,000. Want to join in the fun? Check out the details here. Best of luck!Powered by WP Greet Box
Graham Perrin

Forum comments and annotations - 17 views

> Community library may be not up-to-date For that issue I have created a separate topic, Community library is inconsistent/outdated

diigo help highlight page comment annotation URL

Maggie Tsai, Website for The Kim Komando Radio Show®, Kim's Cool Sites - 1 views

  • Write on Web pages 7/31/2006 SPONSORED BY E-Mail This Printer-Friendly Since I use the Internet so much for work, I'm always looking to get more from it. Fortunately, Web programmers are working away at improvements. When I research for my show, I often print out Web pages and make notes on them. That's such a waste of paper! I try to be as "green" as possible.
  • That's were diigo comes in. It allows you to make annotations directly on Web pages. It also helps you manage your bookmarks. You can make these public or you can keep them to yourself. It's a valuable tool! You'll need to sign up for an account. And you should try the toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer. There's a bit of a learning curve. But I think you'll find it worthwhile.
    You can making over $59.000 in 1 day. Look this
Graham Perrin

Harold Jarche » Sense-making with PKM - 1 views

  • Sense-making with PKM
  • People learn socially
  • Effective learning is the difference between surfing the waves or being drowned
  • ...42 more annotations...
  • PKM (personal knowledge management) can be your customized surfboard
  • an internal process based on repeating four activities
  • combined with three external activities
  • Connect – with others via various platforms and extend my reach Exchange – ideas and observations Contribute – to conversations
  • Together, these processes look like this:
  • moving from implicit to explicit knowledge
  • Connecting:
  • Looking Inward One of the important aspects of PKM is triage
  • what you may view as useless today could be quite important tomorrow
  • Categorizing:
  • Making Explicit:
  • Going Public:
  • Retrieval:
  • Looking Outward
  • observing, reflecting
  • Contributing.
  • That idea of looking to form new patterns is a very powerful one
  • Sorting Categorizing Making Explicit
  • Connecting Exchanging
  • Social Bookmark
  • Diigo
  • annotated bookmarks and my blog are the first places I search
  • a digital library brimming with my own sticky notes that I can easily find
  • peter evans
  • the clearest and most useful description of PKM
  • Eric Blue
  • May 24th, 2009
  • Excellent article!
  • one of the most lucid explanations of PKM
  • aggregated PKM is not the same as social PKM
  • emergent structure
  • When collecting bits of information it often isn’t possible to know how best to organise or classify
  • that often comes later
  • you begin to see relationships, connections, linkages that simply weren’t apparent
  • your own ability or preparedness to sense a particular pattern has changed
  • Exchanging:
  • John Tropea,
  • May 30th, 2009
  • Gordon Ferrier,
  • June 14th, 2009
  • March 13th, 2009 at 10:42
Graham Perrin

highlights missing when page is reloaded and/or duplicated or missing in other views of... - 391 views

Thanks :-) If it helps to avoid future occurrences: on 12th September the bug seemed to bite after I highlighted at

bug dataloss inconsistency priority bookmark gpd4 958359 959095 959848 959920 960067 960888

Graham Perrin

Ajax: new approaches to e.g. Add Section sometimes fail - 20 views - screen shot of the foot (only) of the page following the first failure - shot at 2009-05-23 00:11 UK time http://www.wuala....

bug resolved worksforme list Ajax gpd4

Graham Perrin

Round Two and Version 4: Diigo | U Tech Tips - 3 views

  • Round Two
  • Version 4: Diigo
  • September 29, 2009 By Adrienne Michetti
  • ...27 more annotations...
  • first time ’round, I wasn’t convinced
  • now that Diigo’s been re-vamped — version 4.0, y’all — I may have to reconsider
  • Diigo’s very clear Tour
  • Is Diigo changing the landscape of tools for collaboration, research, and archiving?
  • Share and Collaborate (which sound similar to me, but I didn’t come up with the labels!)
  • Cross-posted at Pockets of Change
    • Graham Perrin
      No comments there at the time of reading.
  • networks in Diigo are like customized search engines driven by real people
    • Graham Perrin
      A nice interpretation.
  • passionate about learning, technology, music, writing, creativity, and her Mac
  • Tod Baker September 30, 2009
  • looks and works better
  • Yes, you should reconsider
  • Library
  • groups and classes features are great for sharing
  • research and related thoughts
  • Adrienne Michetti is currently a full-time Masters student in NYU's Educational Communication and Technology program.
  • EasyBlog feature organizes discussions clearly
  • accessible for review
    • Graham Perrin
      … but not searchable.
  • an essential tool platform
  • Adrienne Michetti September 30, 2009
  • I really like that you’ve labeled Diigo a platform
  • explore the networks further, as I haven’t spent enough time
  • things seem smoother now
  • new things here and there
  • I still have a sense that Diigo almost has too many bells and whistles
  • do I need an option to post to Twitter in every method of bookmarking?
  • Does the annotation option need to show up in two different toolbar buttons?
    • Graham Perrin
      I can't visualise that part of the UI but I agree strongly that multiple/repeat of features/content should be avoided.
  • hyper-aware of usability issue
Graham Perrin

Diigo Social Bookmarking Receives A Major 4.0 Upgrade - 10 views

  • Diigo Social Bookmarking Receives A Major 4.0 Upgrade
  • 09-28-2009
    • Graham Perrin
      September 28 2009
  • By : Corvida
  • ...14 more annotations...
  • up to par with new heavy hitters like Evernote and Instapaper
  • Bookmarking Enhancements
  • multiple “snapshots” or images of the same URL
  • over a period of time
  • using the diigolet this feature is not available
  • site search overall has improved greatly
  • Clean Redesign
  • more polished
  • nice glossy finish
  • wish more would be done with the typography
  • Lists Previously Diigo only sorted bookmarks by tags.
    • Graham Perrin
      Lists are not a new feature. Maybe the feature is easier to find and conceptualise since it is aligned with My Library.
  • Mobile Support
  • on your iPhone very soon!
  • Diigo Share Toolbar
    • Graham Perrin
      Is this a first impression of Diigo Meta? Interesting …
Graham Perrin

An evaluation of using with students « Andywhiteway's Blog - 0 views

  • An evaluation of using with students
  • by andywhiteway
  • May 15, 2009
  • ...45 more annotations...
  • or start to the next lesson
  • many fantastic links from the diigo in education group
  • reccomend all teachers with an interest in using web2.0 in their teaching to join this group
  • Tips/Tricks/Pitfalls
  • My students were A-Level
  • reasonably mature (16/17)
  • I was on hand to support in a very intensive way
  • the group was small (about 9)
  • things that you should absolutely do to make sure students use diigo properly
  • select the drop down menu
  • as soon as they start writing a note
  • decide if the content they are writing is to be shared
  • find the group you have assigned them to belong to and select that.
  • Highlighting is fiddly
    • Graham Perrin
      I find that highlighting with Diigolet (with Safari in Mac OS X) feels better than with installed versions of Diigo.
  • Keep the diigo homepage open
  • open a seperate browser or tab
  • Making use of your group’
  • favourite
  • review the annotations we’ve all made
  • a good plenary
  • Diigo – its effect on me
  • debates
  • Moderating those pesky post-it notes
  • Where next for diigo?
  • I was new to the whole social bookmarking thing
  • more potential for taking the links found further
  • more usability in the forum
  • plus the ability to easily add in some tricksy multimedia
  • a stranded approach to posts
  • confusing
  • use diigo in interesting ways
  • deeper learning
  • Final thoughts
  • use it with much younger students
  • easily create accounts for students
  • don’t need a long list of their email addresses
  • most impressed by how much diigo enabled students to vocalise their thoughts
  • security and space
  • without feeling pressured
  • others (particularly in different subjects), might discover interesting and different ways of using it
  • This in turn will lead to more ideas for everyone involved.
  • Conceptually diigo addresses some big problems
  • put simply it enskills them to use the internet in an open way
  • challenging those sticky note annotations also increases their value
  • things randing from validity of information to building collective knowledge as a group

Pokerpelangi PKV Games Situs Resmi - 0 views


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started by pokerpelangiqq on 08 Aug 22 no follow-up yet

[News] How to transfer your Furl links - 276 views

Thanks someone1000. That link just goes to the page mentioned earlier, which is dead. I guess I didn't transfer any of the links/bookmarks from Furl to Diigo in time, and now I don't even know...

diigo furl news faq

Graham Perrin

All bookmarks made after Aug 3 are gone - 26 views

Subject: meanings of spinners and other 'busy' signs in an already busy and multi-purpose dialogue > the spinning cursor (indicating "working") was taking a while to > find "suggested tag...

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