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Graham Perrin

Cramming way too much, repetitively, into the lower part of Diigo Meta - 33 views

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started by Graham Perrin on 04 Oct 09
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  • Graham Perrin
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    Grahamperrin bookmarked on 2009-09-29 Diigo
    Group knowledge repositories and discussions

    Integration, filters, sort options, greatly improved support for tags, highly focused search results, group snapshots and other refinements

    Diigo group work both productive and enjoyable

    iPhone® application

    Diigo meta

    what's new in V4

    three main areas - My Library, My Network and My Groups

    compact, standard and power edit

    For each snapshot requested (using the full Diigo toolbar in Firefox or Internet Explorer), an HTML version and screenshot are added to the user's library

    New user interface

    Snapshots on demand

    Improved search

    Improved Annotations features and user interface

    Simple, powerful, learning networks

    carefully thought out and seamlessly integrated

    personal and team collaboration

    the best knowledge gathering and sharing platform

    individuals, work groups, and companies, organizations, and educators

    leading innovator in the space

    full text

    tags, annotations, and URL

    For more advanced searches, ten criteria are available

    finding data in Diigo - quickly!

    custom approach to sticky notes

    bookmark-oriented networking


    a flow of bookmarks - including your own - provides a close to real-time view of the activities and interests of these people

    In any person's network - not just your own - you can preview, filter by tag, add comments and more

    bookmarking history

    Annotated preview

    highlights and sticky notes

    public comments

    Other improvements

    smarter approaches to moderation

    Diigo can dramatically improve your productivity

    There is a lot to explore in the new Diigo

    let us know your first impression, likes / dislikes, feedback and suggestion

    help us spread the word!

    can't get all the advance features of Diigo with Safari

    Grahamperrin on 2009-09-29
    I find the new combination of
    Diigo 4.0 beta online + Diigolet
    far richer than limiting myself to Firefox.

    an awesome way to share bookmarks and annotations

    brilliant! Love it, love it, love it! Congrats!

    Diigo rocks! Thanks for all your team's great work.

    amazing. the features are great, the page cahching is very refined

    loving it



    No need to stop using your preferred browser!

    a really great job

    revamped UI

    is brilliant

    Very streamlined and… cool

    Zoli Erdos

    Grahamperrin 7 minutes ago

    full text search

    Grahamperrin 2 minutes ago
    full-text search of Diigo-cached content

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    Public Stiky Notes

    Daniel Murray on 2009-10-02
    I'm using Diigo with Chrome and the new Diigolet.

    Andy Brudtkuhl on 2009-09-29
    The diigo bar is a great tool

    Adrian Try on 2009-09-29
    I'd stopped using the toolbar, but I may have to start again to get the highlighter tool and the multiple colours.

    Bakari C on 2009-09-29
    It's because of Diigo, I might switch back to Firefox because I want the full menubar features.

    Zoli Erdos on 2009-09-29
    Is this still true? Full text search does not seem to work on items I saved weeks ago

    Adrian Try on 2009-09-29
    The highlighter functionality and multiple colours may get me working with the toolbar visible again.

    Andy Brudtkuhl on 2009-09-29
    Wooo! Been waiting for this!

    Bakari C on 2009-09-29
    Very nice. I was wondering the other night if there was an app for Diigo. Will it have annotation capabilities? That might be a lot to ask.

    Graham Perrin on 2009-09-29
    I find the new combination of
    Diigo 4.0 beta online + Diigolet
    far richer than limiting myself to Firefox.

    Graham Perrin 7 minutes ago

    Graham Perrin 2 minutes ago
    full-text search of Diigo-cached content

    Page Comments

    Sean Brady on 2009-09-29
    I am pretty firmly stuck to Google Chrome, but I agree that the new toolbar does work quite nicely.

    Joel Liu on 2009-09-29
    I am also an active chrome user. Once it fully supports toolbar, we will develop a chrome toolbar.

    Graham Perrin on 2009-09-29
    No need to stop using your preferred browser!

    Take some time to familiarise yourself with all that's possible with Diigo online. You may find that the simple combination of Diigolet + Diigo is more flexible, more spacious, more powerful than what can be squeezed into a single toolbar or sidebar.

    Sean Brady on 2009-09-29
    Joel - To be honest I am not sure if I would install a toolbar in Chrome. I think that is one of the big reasons I am using it, no cluttering toolbars and extra stuff. I would really love to see more emphasis on pushing the boundaries of the bookmarklet. I wonder, could HTML 5 in Safari and Chrome be leveraged to create an uber bookmarklet?

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  • Graham Perrin

    That's a massive amount and a disorienting mixture to be fed to the reader through such a small slot and there'll surely be more within the mass as people continue to comment on, draw highlights over, and stick notes to, Maggie's post.

    Paradoxically: the more that's written,

    * the less easy it becomes to read
    * the less easy it is to find the required subsection within that tiny slot
    * the lower the value.

    That's not an incentive to contribute.

    I sense that efforts have been made to ensure that proportions of Diigo Meta are suitable for netbooks with very limited displays - and forward looking design decisions such as that should be welcomed - but I'm concerned that overall usability is not as good as it should be.

    Simply: the opportunity to read comments, and for the public to add comments, is very unappealing.

    On the plus side: Diigo 4.0 is currently in beta :-) and it's early days, so this is everyone's opportunity to suggest sizes, shapes, mixtures, order etc…

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