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Graham Perrin

summary of recent issues/symptoms relating to caches, indexing and searches - 61 views

resolved cache load performance search bookmark bug

started by Graham Perrin on 19 Jan 09
  • Graham Perrin
    @ users of Diigo

    An e-mail was sent to Diigo's support e-mail address a few hours ago.

    This is a follow-up.


    @ Diigo

    +++ Summary at the foot of this message +++ bugged on
    2008-12-29 with subject line:

    > full-text search of Diigo-cached content

    - seemed to affect (without affecting but considering more recent bugs (below), symptoms to other users may differ. Whilst that December 2008 report does involve cached content, I suspect that it's not relevant to current symptoms. Moving on… bugged on
    2009-01-10 with subject line:

    > list: cached copies apparent within but not without WebSlides

    - observed an issue with presentation of cached copies in some but not all situations. bugged on
    2009-01-16 with subject line:

    > The last two days of added bookmarks can't be searched bugged on
    2009-01-18 with the subject line:

    > search … doesn't find bookmark

    - then spanned multiple subjects. represents a selection of bookmarks
    all http (none https) created during the period
    2009-01-13 to
    2009-01-18 (UK dates/time).

    Focusing on my view of my cached copies of that selection:

    * 22 of 23 bookmarks are without cached copies:

    > Cached page for this bookmark is not available at the moment, but
    > caching service will resume later to save this page. Please click
    > the following link to visit original page: …

    Searching my bookmarks for words within the titles of each one:

    * 20 of 23 bookmarks are not found.

    The bookmarks that are cached, I have tagged cached so

    The bookmarks that are _not_ cached, I have tagged non-cached so

    The bookmarks that are found, I have tagged found so

    In my bookmarking chronology: the one bookmark that is found appears in the midst of others that are not found.

    In the bookmarking chronology of other users: appearances, midsts may differ.

    Focusing on three of twenty-three that are found

    Focusing on the only one of three (of twenty-three) that is cached AND found
    shows the page bookmarked on
    2009-01-07 by
    2009-01-14 by (me) is not publicly a member of any group so he may be unaware of these topics.


    Possibility of a caching server issue originating some time between
    2009-01-07 and 2009-01-14

    Lesser possibility of an indexing server issue (I guess that the absence of caches is a primary factor).

    Postscript to fellow users of Diigo: if within this summary topic you do not see an issue that you have reported, please do not take offence. You should find that most other topics (including your own) are tagged appropriately.
  • Graham Perrin
    2009-01-05 observed,

    > the number of [(cached?) pages missing from a WebSlides view of a 2008 list] has
    > increased from seven to eight


    Now reviewing an earlier highlight,

    > issue with … of cached copies in some but not all situations

    - and a highlight from

    > If I take a signed-out WebSlides view of the list,
    > six of six pages [for which I could not gain cached copies]
    > are described [in WebSlides] as cached copies.

    - my revised summary should be:

    * where cached copies do exist,
    not all caches are available for all purposes,
    and one of those purposes may be indexing,
    and an incomplete index may affect the search results of some users.

    Considering the 'some but not all' aspect, I'll probably refrain from adding to this summary topic.
  • Graham Perrin
    > * 20 of 23 bookmarks are not found.
    now, 26 of 26 bookmarks found.

    > * 22 of 23 bookmarks are without cached copies

    now, 23 of 26 bookmarks are without cached copies

    Thanks to Diigo for progress :)
  • Soul Book
    so basically search needs a lot of work.... ;-)
  • Joel Liu
    We will have more computation power soon.
  • Graham Perrin
    Joel Liu wrote:

    > We will have more computation power soon.

    That's smart, thanks to Joel/Diigo :)

    My aim in this topic was to whittle some symptoms, mainly for nearby

    As topic 9723 is resolved (Diigo attention to cache server and search server) so I'm happy to treat this topic 9783, too, as resolved.

    Other topics may be reviewed individually. My own reports can wait.

    FWIW I have earmarked (reporter: ) for review in due course.


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