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Karl Yee

Can't toggle between simple, middle, and advanced view - 53 views


started by Karl Yee on 30 Apr 12
  • Karl Yee
    Am stuck on the medium view. And I can't switch between the different views that are suppose to be available. I select the desired view from the pull down menu but nothing changes. No error messages, nothing.

    I tried it from different browsers (firefox, safari, IE) and have the same problem on all them, stuck on the medium view.

    I tried on Mac OS X, and Windows. The same thing. Stuck on the medium view. No response to the pull down menu selection. No error messages.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Quazi Irfan
    This is really weird. Post a video, you might wanna?
  • sandy_diigo
    It is quite weird. Having checked your account,there is nothing unnormal in your account and the problem can not be reproduced.Can you please try to clear cache ,sign out and sign in again?
  • Karl Yee
    There's not much to see. As an example, I go to the view pull down menu and select "advanced". Then nothing. Nothing happens. No error messages, no popups, no hourglass, nothing.

    I tried clearing my browser cache but unfortunately it didn't make any difference.

    What's really strange it that shortly after my first post, it starting working again, just for one afternoon. I didn't make any changes that I can think of. The next morning, nothing. No luck making it work again. It hasn't worked again since that one afternoon.
  • sandy_diigo
    We doubt it may be caused by the network problem. You may have installed some anti-virus software and they
    disabled some javascript contents. Can you please try to sign in via other network,such as your work place?
  • Karl Yee
    No, it's not an antivirus problem. I disable the AV and I still have the same issue. It happens on my home network and my work place network. I happens on Mac OS X Lion and Windows XP. It happens on IE, FireFox, Chrome and Opera.

    You seem to on the right track about one thing though. Javascript. If I manually type in the URL that normally would have come from a pull down menu selection (for example: . I can get it toggle the different views.

    I know Javascript is working on the browsers because I can run this benchmark:
    It's a series of Javascript benchmarks.

    Coincidentally, during those times when I can use the pull down menus to toggle the views, I can't work the menu select to create a new note either. Which all seems to reinforce the idea that Javascript is misbehaving.
  • Karl Yee
    One more interesting detail. When this problem happens on one computer, it happens on other computers as well. When it works on one (like right at this moment), it works on other computers as well.

    Thanks for your attention to this issue.
  • Karl Yee
    Oh the note about how when it works on computer, it works on others as well ....
    It's true even when the computers are on different networks.
  • sandy_diigo
    We still doesn't find anything abnormal in your account. Can you please send some screenshot to so that we can further look into this issue?
  • Karl Yee
    Hi Sandy_diigo

    I sent a short video of the problem to


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