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Would you send me your feedback on using online Research tools? - 54 views

started by suzetteruys on 07 Feb 11
  • suzetteruys
    I am asking folks to answer the following survey questions to learn more about how they use Diigo. Unfortunately not in a survey format. I would love to get your feedback on the following:

    The Survey

    Do you work for Diigo or any other social bookmarking site?
    * Yes
    * No

    Which of the following activities do you regularly do on the Internet (check all that apply)?
    * Researching products that you may purchase
    * Planning for a trip
    * Researching for an academic project
    * Researching for a project as part of your job
    * Researching for a hobby, such as cooking, photography, computers, etc.
    * Other kinds of research
    * Do not use the Internet for research

    What tools do you currently use for the above research (check all that apply)?
    * Search engine (Google, Bing, etc.)
    * Directly loading a web site by typing in the address or accessing bookmarks
    * Software, such as OneNote or Evernote
    * Social media
    * Online document library (Google Docs, SkyDrive, SharePoint)
    * Other (please specify)
    * Do not use the Internet for research

    In what ways are you currently active on the Internet?
    * Facebook, MySpace, or other social networking site
    * Blog
    * YouTube
    * Twitter
    * RSS Feeds
    * Bookmarking sites
    * Personal website
    * I'm not active online
    * Other

    Have you ever used the following websites (check all that apply)?
    * Delicious
    * Digg
    * StumbleUpon
    * Diigo
    * Reddit
    * CiteULike
    * Another social bookmarking web site ____________________

    If yes, how frequently do you use these sites (pick one)?
    * yearly or less
    * every six months
    * monthly
    * weekly
    * daily
    * multiple times a day

    How interested are you in tools for collaborating with other people on research?
    rate 1-7 (1 being low/7 being high)

    How interested are you in sharing information you've found on the web with friends and colleagues?
    rate 1-7 (1 being low/7 being high)

    How would you prefer to find out about Diigo or another social bookmarking site's key features?
    o Read a list of features
    o Watch a video
    o Both
    o Other: ______________

    How would you prefer to sign up and log in to Diigo or other social bookmarking sites?
    o Create a new user name and password that are specific to the site
    o Sign in through Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking service
    o Use my Google Account or Windows Live ID
    o Other: ______________
    Existing users' needs for the home page

    Please rank the frequency of functions you do or would perform on a social bookmarking site (1 most frequent, 6 least frequent).
    o Bookmark a site
    o Manage or delete existing bookmarks
    o Share saved data with others
    o Highlight or annotate content
    o Install the site's toolbar, bookmarklet, or app on a new computer or device
    o Read about new feature

    Please rate these functions of a social bookmarking sites by importance (1-Very important, 2-Quite important, 3-Somewhat important, 4-Slightly important, 5-Not important).
    o Manually add a site to your list of bookmarks
    o Manage or delete existing bookmarks
    o Share saved data with others
    o Highlight or annotate content
    o Install the toolbar, bookmarklet, or app on a new computer or device
    o Have your bookmarked and annotated web sites available on every computer and device you use
    o Share web sites you've bookmarked with colleagues and friends
    o See websites and commentary from people who are conducting research of interest to you
    o Take a snapshot of a bookmarked website that you can access later, even if the site changes
    o Apply tags or keywords to bookmarks
    o Organize large numbers of bookmarks and search through them later based on keywords
    o Highlight content of interest to you on web sites you've bookmarked
    o Add notes and annotations to bookmarked web sites with comments and thoughts you want to remember later
    o Upload images and documents to access later from another computer or share with other people
    o Have a discussion forum where you can communicate and collaborate with your colleagues
    o Instantly add the site you're on to your bookmarks
    o Learn about new features
    o Get user assistance and information
    o Vote on the popularity of bookmarks shared by others
    o See the most popular bookmarks that have been shared
    o See other users' bookmarks and tags

    * 18-29
    * 30-39
    * 40-49
    * 50-59
    * 60-69
    * 70+
    * Decline to state

    * Male
    * Female
    * Decline to state

    Education level
    * High school degree or less
    * Some college
    * College graduate
    * Master's degree or higher
    * Decline to state
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