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John Caffaro

Making my bookmark selections private - 934 views

started by John Caffaro on 10 Jun 11
  • John Caffaro
    Help. I have tried everything I know to make my profile and bookmark selections private but they still keep turning up in search engine results under my name. Can someone please help me privatize and remove my diigo search engine results. Thanks. JVC
  • Trish Brasslow
    John...I was having the same problem but noticed that if I went to edit under each bookmark I could click on private and then save so I have gone through all my bookmarks and made changes. Hope this works for you too.
  • sandy_diigo
    Please rest assured that all index page will be deleted soon.
    @Trish Brasslow Can you please advise the URL?
  • Trish Brasslow
    @Sandy and John...I contacted our wonderful school technology integrator and here is what she told me about making the bookmarks private. Once logged into Diigo go to "view all" on the top right and click on it to open it. Change it to advanced. When you do that a small box will appear to the left of your bookmark. If you click on that box you will see an x in the box. Go down the page clicking the boxes and then go back to the top of your page under "more actions" Click on "convert to private" A small lock should show up beside the site name. It means it is locked. Do this for all your bookmarks you want to make private. When I did that and then did a google search for me and Diigo I could STILL see my locked bookmarks. I thought making it private did not work. NOW here is the key. IF you do not want others to see your bookmarks you must be LOGGED OFF. If you are logged on they will still be able to see them. This works because I did not privatize all of my bookmarks and when I log off and do a google search of me I only see the ones I did not make private. Big kudos to our school technology integrator!
  • John Caffaro
    OK, I followed instructions above and made some 250 bookmarks private and then logged out. Next, I googled myself and now there is a hit titled John Caffaro's public Diigo library with some 500 additional bookmarks visible to all.This page does not have the same features as the others and I can see no options on this page to privatize these bookmarks! How do I privatize these?

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