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Taco van der Waal

How do you remove a hightlight or unhighlight? - 1207 views

Works fine under most circumstances. But I have a highlight where the drop down appears a bit away from the highlighted text. And when I move the mouse there, the drop down disappears because I mov...


Joel Liu

See only un-annotated bookmarks? - 27 views

Ok. We will order items in my library as "created at" and see whether it fits all users.

diigo suggestion highlighting annotating ordering

Graham Perrin

unable to highlight - 54 views

> online pdf highlighting solutions Assuming that Adobe is at the forefront in this area, may be of interest. See also


Mike Blyth

Bug? Highlighting covers (obscures) the next line on some pages - 0 views

I'm new to Diigo, so the usual apologies apply. I have found that, on one page at least (, the actual highlighting box extends one line below the selected text. This has the ef...

bug obscure cover below under highlighting box

started by Mike Blyth on 22 Apr 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Highlights not saving anymore! - 75 views

Highlights made by me on 24th March, previously disappearing from the bookmarked page and not visible in my library, are now visible both on the page, and in my library. I guess that a queue of ...

bug highlighting highlight library

Graham Perrin

Alternative Highlinting Styles - 18 views

sahil48 AAA wrote: > two highlighing colors for my private notes. Blue plus which other colour?

highlighting highlight colour suggestion

Wade Ren

feature suggestion: highlights in context of page - 20 views

davido T wrote: > I want … context … when I view highlights later in My Bookmarks or > in a search. Borrowing from another topic: if Virtuoso Sponger, or something like it, could for example gen...

highlighting feature request suggestion

Graham Perrin

so highlighting is NOT private...? - 55 views summarises some related topics.

highlighting privacy private highlight bug

Graham Perrin

Adding tags to annotations. - 13 views

I was just wondering whether there is a way of adding tags to certain highlighted text. You can add sticky notes and you can bookmark a website and tag that, then once you find the website you can...

tags highlighting annotations suggestion

Graham Perrin

Annotations across multiple pages - 51 views

I guess that the combination of (at least) improved search results + improved views in Diigo 4.0 beta, plus more traditional features such as selecting bookmarks then extracting annotations in what...

annotations pages articles highlighting multiple diigo 4.0

Mr H

sticky notes - 64 views

The other issue we are having is that if one person has highlighted a sentence and added a sticky, another can't choose it as well. We get a message saying "This section cannot be highlighted" Th p...

class highlighting stickynote

faimone Björn

double click to mark more than one time - 37 views

often you want to highlight more than one part. Currently you have to mark and click "highlight" again and again. Would be very! useful if e.g. a double click at the button allows you to mark as m...


started by faimone Björn on 31 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

"Submission failed" -- always - 53 views

Hi Rent, This problem is rather strange. Did you still experience it? If it works, could you share your experience on how you solved the problem? Thanks.

bookmarking highlighting stickynote

Josh T.

Diigolet highlight doesn't work - 146 views

Seems to be working now. Thanks! Joel Liu wrote: > We updated a diigolet version. Could you try it again? > > Thanks

bugs diigolet highlighting bug

davido T

changing background color loses highlights in Firefix - 44 views

I like to have a gray background in Firefox, instead of blaring white for Google and other pages. I'm using a plugin called Accessibar to do that. But when I do, Diigo highlights don't show up! Any...

accessability firefox highlighting accessibility

started by davido T on 04 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Q: Highlighting and privacy? - 198 views

My normal route to discussing any privacy issue is, the foot of the page: > Terms of Service | > Privacy | > © Diigo Inc 2008 -- User-posted content, unless source quoted, is > licensed under a ...

highlight highlighting privacy private question bug regression

davido T

Firefox, disallowing pages to set own colors - 36 views

firefox highlighting

started by davido T on 20 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
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