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Chris Lott

Change Group URL? - 34 views

groups admin URL edit suggestion

started by Chris Lott on 23 Aug 09
  • Randy Rodgers
    No responses? Is this possible, or no?
  • sandy_diigo
    We do not support it now. Can you please tell us why do you want to change group URL?
  • Randy Rodgers
    I created a group several years ago for folks in the school system where I worked, and the name included the district name. I've recently left, and I renamed the group to a more general name, but the old district name remains in the url. I'd like to keep using the group and allow the members from my previous district to remain as members, but open it up to a broader group and, in particular, use it in the new district where I work. Make sense at all? :)
  • Chris Lott
    My original need was similar: I had setup a group for a particular course, then the courses got renumbered and the URL for the group reflecting the wrong (confusing) URL. That was years ago and no response; I've since given up Diigo groups.
  • Randy Rodgers
    Maybe Sandy can respond and explain why for us (or work some magic and make it happen!)? :)

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