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Nathan Rein

Bulk editing of bookmarks? - 762 views

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started by Nathan Rein on 10 Jan 10
  • Nathan Rein
    It seems to me that from my main dashboard page i used to be able to bulk-edit bookmarks. There was a checkbox next to every bookmark listing, and i could check multiple bookmarks and add tags or add them to lists. Is this feature gone, or have I just somehow gotten confused?
  • Yoni Blumberg
    Try changing the view. At the top right there are three icons to view your bookmarks. You may be in the wrong one, the feature is not gone.
  • Nathan Rein
    Weird .. I thought I'd tried that, but now that I try it again, it works fine. For the record, it's the third (rightmost) icon that turns on the checkboxes. Maybe it was loading slowly yesterday or something. Thanks for your response.
  • Graham Perrin
    > Maybe it was loading slowly yesterday

    If the symptom recurs — if your browser suggests that the management view of your library has loaded, but things are missing — please revisit this topic.

    It's certainly true that the design was improved so that check boxes etc. load later than other parts of the page. (If those boxes load too early, users tend to click too soon.)

    Screen shots at (referred from prove that part of the management interface is sometimes missing from views of a list.
  • yc c
    In case this problem is still on, I had a browser extension that hide the 'More' menu by the bookmarks. (It added inline CSS display:none to all class 'contextMenu' )

    About bulk editing (not sure this has been mentioned lately) :
    I was wondering as there's an 'Add tag' to selected bookmarks, that it would be nice to also have a 'remove tag' ?

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