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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Jose Luis Pajares

Graham Perrin

Mash: bringing Common Tag format to Diigo: Faviki bookmarklet before all else - 79 views

mash suggestion Common Tag Diigolet Faviki Google Zemanta gpd4
started by Graham Perrin on 12 Aug 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin liked it
gabriele Domenichini

Mobile please - 52 views

mobile-office usability
started by gabriele Domenichini on 23 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Good point! Another user here voting for it.

    Gabriele Domenichini wrote:
    > The service is fantastic.
    > A very very very light, fast and simple interface for mobile phones users please.
    > I have built mine on thanks to this page:
    > For what I can see you could do the same and even better :-)
    > Thank you for your wonderful job
Jose Luis Pajares

Time for localization and other suggestions - 159 views

features localization tag (metadata) Common Tag tag bundle translate locale suggestion
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Congratulations! the new Diigo is becoming the standard in social bookmarking!

    That said, there is still some features i miss (trying to be always :) useful) , the first is the localization of Diigo in many languages. I hope this is becoming a priority after this launch. I'm sure many users, like me, can help in that work -personally in spanish-. Localization should not mean the interface localization only, but a whole multilanguage Diigo system that include, for example, the possibility (oh please!) of having my tags translated so 'español' and 'spanish' can be intrepreted as the same tag by the system (if i choose that).

    This translated_tags feature it's very important, localization should help people - and info- meet even while they're using different mature/main languages.

    And some other suggestions:
    - Tags grouping.
    - Safari toolbar.
    - 'Show notes' option in linkrolls (not confuse with the current 'show annotated only')
    - Unread = still not bookmarked
    - Wordpress plugin: to use my diigo tags to tag my posts and to quickly add an annotated bookmark to them.

    About the profile page:
    - Change the name of 'favorite sites' box in my profile, did I marked as my favorites? No. So use 'top sites' instead.
    - The same for 'favorite lists', those should be (they are) 'My lists'.
    - 'Profiles elsewhere' names my profile as 'My others'.

    Home Page:
    I have to say that home page is a bit booring. Please don't use anymore, i think i said this before, that good looking, beauty, happy... people photos. Diigo homapge seems that old/empty corporate webpage looking for creepy clients. Put top/fresh sites at the top of the page, beside the group box and tag communities, wich reinforce the social and unique bookmarking features. After that: top users and hot tags. Move that introduction statements to the signup page and concentrate in getting an interesting home page, a place to have as a usual reference for everone to see what's going on the web an on this community.

    And some great surprises already available:
    - The 'top contributors' box in every tag page is a great way to meet people!
    - 'Only these tags' option in 'Daily blog post', blogging from Diigo is now a fast and effective way.

    Jose Luis
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  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Other suggestions while starting to use v3 daily:

    - 'Copy highlight' option in the automatic menu that appears when the mouse is over a highlight.
    - 'My groups' tab in the new sidebar.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    wow! very good points Soulgrinds. Specially that track changes feature, specially when thinking that while Diigo allow us to highlight a page, this highlight becomes broken when the text is changed. Maybe the already cached page is enough... but highlights are not shown is those chached versions.

    The 'Drop down list of unread items direct from the toolbar' or throught any other quick way, is also a nice one.

    By the way, I'd like to be able to add more tags to this conversation after its creation.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Mmm.. I think the sidebar should allow some configuration in the options extension, to hide or show the elements i'm interested in, like groups, lists, unread bookmarks, follow a tag, etc. like in the toolbar.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    One more: some visual message should inform in cached pages that "You're seeing a cached page" with a link to see the current version.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    One more and i think this can be considered as a bug: Bookmark time should not change when a new highlight is done. Maybe every highlight should have also its own time stamp.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    good news :), hope localization wil become part of that list soon.
Jose Luis Pajares

Feauture request: show a personal comments box in webslides - 38 views

feature webslides
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    I want to make a webslide of images from several webs for my classes but i would like to show my comments to guide my students throught them.
    Also would be good to see that Firefox is able of auto-resize the image to fix it to the window size, as usual.
  • ...8 more comments...
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    I realised there is a Diigo Logo at the upper-left to show the comments. But i would like to see in the webslide settings an option to show my comments automatically in a corner, like the playlist.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    More about webslides (I'm making my first detailed webslide so i get a lot of possible feedback). I would like that the 'next' arrow will send you to the next sticky note, instead of to the next website. I need to go throught two images of the same website, the second one is at the bottom of the webpage so I'm sure my students won't notice the attached sticky note.
    This method would be the more appropiate in order to make a step by step guide.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Another suggestion for webslides: the final slide with the title and the option to start over again should appear in non automatic webslides too.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    There are some issues i can't understand. My firefox doesn't allow me to post sticky notes with Diigo toolbar (just clicking in the icon and nothing happens) but the Diigolet does. Internet Explorer Diigo toolbar also does it, but just private ones, even in a public bookmark of a public website. Also while trying to add a link in a rich formating sticky (Great feauture) the ok/cancel buttons are in some oriental language.
    Also i realised that sometimes while testing the webslides some sticky notes appear and others doesn't due to an unknown reason. By the way, this is the webslide i'm making:

    For example, in the 7th slide, wich is a youtube clip, the sticky isn't frequently shown while playing the webslide.

    Hey guys, your ideas are great and webslides are one of them, but you are still dragging on many bugs of the main feautures of Diigo. This is my persective since i'm a Diigo user (and i'm an early one) , anyway i'll stay with Diigo because it's still wonderful, but sometimes it makes my workflow caotic.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Another bug: While pasting in a sticky note (IE7) from Word, a message appear asking me if i want to clean the text first. If i click 'ok' it brings me to a empty window with this weird address:
    If i close it, another message appear saying that Diigo couldn't show the pop-up window.

    By the way, i've the same spacing problem in the sticky shown in this image:
    of this Diigo Review:

    I hope i won't have to reply myself again...
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Another bug: Editing a plain format sticky note to make it rich text, it creates a duplicate.

    And i'm not sure of this but i think also editing a rich formatted sticky note, it creates a duplicated note.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    One more: re-editing a saved rich formatted sticky note (IE7), brings me to the plain format editor, so the html code is shown and the format seems lost, unless yo click in rich format again.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    One more bug: italics in rich formatted sticky notes are shown as bolds in webslides (and maybe in all Diigolets?)
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Why is the private/public option disabled in the sticky window editor once is saved? Would be good to be able to make a private note public...
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    I think this is my last bug report about weblides: If i try to edit a sticky note while in a webslide, the presentation could just go to it's beginnig if i press the "J" key, loosing my edition. I guess there is some shortcuts in webslides that make the conflict.
Jose Luis Pajares

Error message while trying to chage a Title - 40 views

  • Jose Luis Pajares
    If I try to change the title of any of my bookmark, I've got this Firefox (Windows) alert:

    "TypeError: Object.extend is not a function"

    Also i'm not able to add the bookmarks to a list.
    But in Safari everything seems to work.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    yes, it's solved :)
Jose Luis Pajares

Multilingual tags - 27 views

localization tags locale suggestion
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Every time I've to tag a webpage, i've the same dilemma: should i tag in english or in spanish? Of course it depends of the community i want to address, but somehow i would like that my bookmarks will be useful for both, to get integrated into the spanish community and in the global one (which actually speaks in english).
    I know i could just add both tags (like 'congreso' and 'conference') but this technique doesn't seem quite clean for an organizing system.
    So, I will say "wow" if i can see a localization tool for my tags. If Diigo do so, maybe it will be one of the pioneers of the semantic web.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    I did'nt expect this positive feedback so I think this system it's difficult to implement.
    I think there are two approachs:
    1. Localizations are global: one tag may have only one translation for all the Diigo users. It could be automatically (made by Diigo) o manually (made by the community).
    2. Localizations are personal: i translate my tags and they don't refer to other localizations from other users.

    Both have advantages. In my case, i would prefer that the translation doesn't occur automatically, instead of localize myself only my tags (same word, different meanings). Anyway a new search option could be added to "Search through all the user localizations" and don't loose the advantages of the other approach.
Jose Luis Pajares

A way to apply an action to more than 20 bookmars at once - 34 views

filter groups tags web-page suggestion
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Long time since my last post here. I already have 1200 bookmarks in Diigo... that's nice B)

    Today i wanted to add many of them to a group and also make some public. The problem is that i've to do it several times with every 20 bookmarks till i get the 290 bookmarks i need to add to the group. So i miss a button to select all bookmarks (and not just first 20) with a specific tag and apply any option from the 'more actions menu'. Something similar occurs in Gmail when you want to apply an action to a filtered list with many mails.

    By the way, there is still some old wishes:
    1. Forward to other bookmarking services from Diigo servers, not only from extension (so doesn't matter if i use the bookmarklet or the extension, every boomarks will always be forwarded).
    2. Daily blog posting filtered by tags.
    3. Diigo in spanish, y olé.

    Diigo team: great work with groups and forums during this time!
  • ...2 more comments...
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Thank you. That's a good solution!
    Anyway that gmail behaviour in Diigo will be useful.

    robertwiblin wrote:
    > Do 100 at once by making 100 of them appear on each page. There's an option at the bottom of the page i think.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    OPS! I've misplaced. I've shared almost 100 bookmarks to the wrong group... this group. Trying to fix it. Sorry.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    There is no option to remove them from the group!? I shared 96 bookmarks to the group (at once). I'm afraid hundreds of Diigo forum users will recieve 96 notifications via email.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Thanks. I thought that means remove it from my bookmark. It seems that someone from Diigo team remove them already.
Jose Luis Pajares

Does Diigolet support simultaneous bookmarking to other online bookmarking services? - 31 views

bookmark diigolet elsewhere feature
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    The forwarding feauture is a great one in Diigo so i like to have all my bookmarks in Delicious too. But sometimes i use the Diigolet, wich does not forward to delicious.

    I would like to configure the forwarding options from the website in the way that it doesn't matter the tool i'll use, all my bookmarks will be always forwarded.

    Maybe be this was already suggested but i can't find the search box in the new forums.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    > You meant simultaneous bookmarking elsewhere.

    > Noted - several users have requested this. We will consider it, but not immediately since we have a few high priority tasks.
    Ok, not in the website soon, and in the Diigolets? I use Diigo in mac with the Safari and Omniweb browsers. Do you plan to make a diigo toolbar for any of this browsers? I don't use Firefox so the mac verion uses too many processor resources and my mac is not so fast.
Jesse Kim

vote feature - 145 views

vote thumbs up down measure rate rank important star suggestion spam (electronic)
started by Jesse Kim on 16 May 07 no follow-up yet
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    I agree that vote feauture will be a great one in the Diigo forum, nice to know that Diigo developers are already working in it. Also agree the loyola comments about rating systems, there is a 'popularism' way of interpreting interestingness in the social web, but this is the way how folksonomies work.

    But sometimes i miss some kind of personal rating system too. To solve this i use the tag ! or !! if i find something really interesting to me. So if i want to find something interesting (or at least interesting to me in a time) about a topic, i just have to use its tag in combination with the ! tag. Like, for example, searching "design + !" will return all the websites with great designs.

    So, at least, personal rating is being usefull to me, and can also be interesting to see what other tagged as ! in that topic. While, of course, the results can not match my expectations, well, this is part of the social web, i'll be able to see what's interesting to others and see if there is someone with very common interests.

    I'm not interested in 1 to 5 rating instead of just to be able to mark a web as 'important' in adition to tag it and mark it as unread.
Jose Luis Pajares

Searching bookmarks tagged by other users, not by me. - 34 views

feature search tag
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    I would like to search for a specific tag that i'm using very frequently but just getting the results from bookmarks saved by others AND still not bookmarked by me.

    Now i can browse the results of that tag but many of the results are already bookmarked by me so i've to browse throught many older bookmarks to see bookmarks i didn't know it.

    This will be a good way to discover new sites of my interests.

    There is already a way to to this? I revised the Advanced Serach Help page but I couldn't figured out.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    I noticed that ways, but this have nothing to do with my problem. Anyway It's nice to see that it can be discuss it by Diigo developers :)

    I can help with the wiki help while diigo will remain free. By the way, it's diigo open sorce? Just i think it's important to know this, since you are asking for collaboration.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    > No - diigo is not an opensource - lots of complex codes here.

    Ok, anyway, do you plan to offer Diigo always for free?
Jose Luis Pajares

Latin characters in tags bubble are not shown in Safari - 25 views

bug language tag
Jose Luis Pajares

Changes made in profile not saved - 39 views

bug profile suggestion
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    I'm trying to update my profile but it seems that Diigo still keeps the old version. I tried with Firefox (Mac) and Safari. In Safari doesn't work , in Firefox i just could save the changes once. If i try again it keeps in the edit profile page after clicking in "save changes".
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Ops, i realized that this happens because i wrote an "Incorrect Real Name format."
    I didn't see that message. Maybe better in red color.

    I've just wanted to put an "L" in my last name so i couldn't put my complete surname in previous versions of the profile page due to character limitations. Seems to be the same reason now but error message is wrong?
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Capital letters also changed to lower case in my name (beside the photo) at Profile page.
Maggie Tsai

New toolbars updated for everyone - 44 views

news toolbar spam (electronic)
started by Maggie Tsai on 19 Apr 07 no follow-up yet
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    I like a lot the new sticky note :)

    3 notes:
    - I tested in this page. The "action" menu i suppose should say "delete sticky" instead of "delete highlight"? So there is no related highligted text.
    - Why can't i choose public? Maybe beacuse i'm logged in the forum?... but the webpage is public. I think this happens to the common highlighted text too.
    - I suppose you are still working in the visual design of this sticky, just in case: two letters inside that bubble don't say anything about what's inside it. Would be better and cleaner just empty or an adapted shape with the first 3 or 4 words.
Jose Luis Pajares

I can't share my bookmarks properly - 24 views

bug search
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Several time ago i talked about a bug searching here:

    This help page:
    says that we can "find bookmarks with either word1 and word2" using a search like "word1 or word2". But the result of this search is the same as "word1+word2"

    This is still not solved. Right now i need to share my bookmarks just related to two tags and i can't. There is another way?
    To be able to do this is fundamental in every tagging system so i hope this will be solved soon. :)
  • ...1 more comments...
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Server say while trying to post here "server temporaly unvailable", then i tried again and it works. Maybe is the reason for the previous repeated post.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Not working for tags, search "word1 or word2" = "word1 + word2 + or".
    It works for a full-text search but not for a tag search. For example if i search "locative or mobile", i get a page titled "My Bookmarks tagged locative mobile or".

    Note: great to see email notification enabled again in forums :)
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    No reply here still. I've been already waiting fot it several weeks...
Jose Luis Pajares

New Profile issues - 40 views

discussion profile
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Some notes about the new way to configure the profile.

    - No way to select what data i want public and what private.
    - Would be better if the save button "saves changes" of Interests & Personality, saves everything, including the basic information, I've had to write it again.
    - No personal website option??
    - The new info i've entered (region, city, email...) is not in the public view of my bookmarks.
    - Could you please put the "Flag as Spammer" link of the public view a bit smaller or in other place. I'ts kind of intimidating me...
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    2 more things:

    - can't i edit my posts in the new forum?
    - Signature is uncomplete in public view (maybe the limit of the number of characters while editing the profile is not the same while viewing it).
    - I need one more character to put my full name (spanish people we use two surnames).
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    "Currently, only the group admin has the EDIT right. Later we may consider offering an option to allow the group admin to set the member's edit right (On / Off)."

    just i want to put some tags but i see you did it for me :)
eyal matsliah

Add email notification to group-forum - 47 views

feature forum
started by eyal matsliah on 09 Apr 07 no follow-up yet
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    yes, missing the notification feature too.

    I prefer this tagged forum too, it's clearer and easier to read and participate.
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