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Jose Luis Pajares

Changes made in profile not saved - 39 views

bug profile suggestion

started by Jose Luis Pajares on 04 May 07
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    I'm trying to update my profile but it seems that Diigo still keeps the old version. I tried with Firefox (Mac) and Safari. In Safari doesn't work , in Firefox i just could save the changes once. If i try again it keeps in the edit profile page after clicking in "save changes".
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Ops, i realized that this happens because i wrote an "Incorrect Real Name format."
    I didn't see that message. Maybe better in red color.

    I've just wanted to put an "L" in my last name so i couldn't put my complete surname in previous versions of the profile page due to character limitations. Seems to be the same reason now but error message is wrong?
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Capital letters also changed to lower case in my name (beside the photo) at Profile page.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Noted. I think there is a reason why we don't support capital letter - part of our syntax / tag design.

    But maybe we should be able to allow the real name to be capitalized - will check

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