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Jose Luis Pajares

I can't share my bookmarks properly - 24 views

bug search

started by Jose Luis Pajares on 18 Apr 07
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Several time ago i talked about a bug searching here:

    This help page:
    says that we can "find bookmarks with either word1 and word2" using a search like "word1 or word2". But the result of this search is the same as "word1+word2"

    This is still not solved. Right now i need to share my bookmarks just related to two tags and i can't. There is another way?
    To be able to do this is fundamental in every tagging system so i hope this will be solved soon. :)
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Server say while trying to post here "server temporaly unvailable", then i tried again and it works. Maybe is the reason for the previous repeated post.
  • Maggie Tsai

    Yes, we're aware of some shortcomings. A new enhanced search is coming soon. Thanks for your patience.
  • Maggie Tsai
    New search upgraded - this problem should be solved. Please give it a try and advise.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Not working for tags, search "word1 or word2" = "word1 + word2 + or".
    It works for a full-text search but not for a tag search. For example if i search "locative or mobile", i get a page titled "My Bookmarks tagged locative mobile or".

    Note: great to see email notification enabled again in forums :)
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    No reply here still. I've been already waiting fot it several weeks...

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