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Jose Luis Pajares

Multilingual tags - 27 views

localization tags locale suggestion

started by Jose Luis Pajares on 23 Oct 07
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    Every time I've to tag a webpage, i've the same dilemma: should i tag in english or in spanish? Of course it depends of the community i want to address, but somehow i would like that my bookmarks will be useful for both, to get integrated into the spanish community and in the global one (which actually speaks in english).
    I know i could just add both tags (like 'congreso' and 'conference') but this technique doesn't seem quite clean for an organizing system.
    So, I will say "wow" if i can see a localization tool for my tags. If Diigo do so, maybe it will be one of the pioneers of the semantic web.
  • Allison L. Weiss
    I very much agree with locative. Other people have said that this isn't important or unrealistic, but I think it's essential to building a world-wide community. There should be an option that automatically translates your tags into other languages, making it at least slightly more possible that you will find people in other countries, speaking other languages, who are interested in the same thing.

    I know that some translations will cause problems, but those problems (multi-lingual mismatches) would be worth it to me, if I knew that my tag had a more international audience.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Agree. To do proper language filtering is non-trivial but worth it. On our To-Do list.
  • Jose Luis Pajares
    I did'nt expect this positive feedback so I think this system it's difficult to implement.
    I think there are two approachs:
    1. Localizations are global: one tag may have only one translation for all the Diigo users. It could be automatically (made by Diigo) o manually (made by the community).
    2. Localizations are personal: i translate my tags and they don't refer to other localizations from other users.

    Both have advantages. In my case, i would prefer that the translation doesn't occur automatically, instead of localize myself only my tags (same word, different meanings). Anyway a new search option could be added to "Search through all the user localizations" and don't loose the advantages of the other approach.
  • Laurent J.V  Dubois
    I ve the same problem with an international community, at the group level...
    My sales group exist both in French, English Spanish and German.
    All ideas are welcomes...

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