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Graham Perrin

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started by Graham Perrin on 05 Jun 11
  • Graham Perrin
    Since Diigolet has been butchered, I ran Firefox for a few minutes.

    Diigo add-on, no option to add a private comment.

    What on earth is going on?
  • Mr. DiGi
    This works bit stupid. It depends on Diigo sidebar - Annotations - "See: Private and Group annotations".

    "Private and group" -> comment will be private
    "...some group..." -> comment will be for group
    "All" -> comment will be public

    I'm not sure about Highligth's comments
  • Graham Perrin
    With respect, that is nonsense. How can a private comment be regarded as junk? A private comment is visible to no-one other than me, so no-one has the right to consider it junk.

    I created a private group for myself. Now in this group I can have private comments on my public bookmarks.
  • sandy_diigo
    Dear Graham,so sorry for the mistake I have made.Based on fact that in most cases users want to make their
    comments public,we have removed this feature.
    You can make some sticky notes and make them private. In this way,they can work as private comments.
  • Graham Perrin
    A huge regression for sharing information, which was previously a selling point of Diigo.

    Floating notes, placement of which are unpredictable, are terribly **MESSY** compared to neat presentation of a page comment.

    (The word 'sticky' is misleading. You can put a note somewhere, but there's no guarantee that anyone else will see that note in the same place.)

    It was recognised years ago that many viewers of floating notes found their presentation terribly intrusive, spam-like - probably because of the floating effect.

    For me, this is probably the nail in the coffin of Diigo. When problems with comments began I stopped using Diigo to share information. The idea of Diigo for group work is now totally unappealing. Too toy-like.

    This is a great shame, in the past Diigo was so much more useful for sharing information … for group work, it is becoming in some ways really ugly.

    Overlapping with another topic, expecting members of a group to communicate without comments is ABSURD.

    Diigo remains good as a personal service but I can no longer recommend it for sharing information. Sorry.

    I'm seeking alternatives.
  • Joel Liu
    Hi Graham,
    You can still share a comment to your group. In the bookmark window:
    1) Write the description when you add a bookmark
    2) Share the bookmark to a group

    Then, your description will be converted to group comment in the group.

    This solution is not perfect, however, we are thinking better group sharing feature. Howe about a comment area designed for group specially?
  • Graham Perrin
    Hi Joel

    Apologies for my deep frustration. The underlying issue to many problems (not just private comments) is the complete lack of interface to comments in tools such as Diigolet.

    Regression: Various Diigo tools make it impossible to read or add to group comments

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