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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Arrix Z

Suzannah Claire

Toolbar (FF) Bugs in Editing a Current Bookmark - 77 views

bookmarking bugs toolbar bug
started by Suzannah Claire on 28 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience.
    We'll fix this very soon.

    Suzannah Porter wrote:
    > This bug has to do with any tag that is two words in quotes.
    > Here's an example.
    > 1. I go to the White House page :
    > 2. I use the FF toolbar to tag the page: "White House"
    > 3. I visit My bookmarks at the Diigo site.
    > 4 I see the most recent bookmark of and so far the tag "White House" is intact.
    > 5 I go to the White House site again. I use the toolbar to edit the bookmark.
    > 6. I enter a description.
    > 7 I go back to My Bookmarks,
    > 8. Without out me doing it, the tag "White House" has been changed to two separate tags, White and House.
    > Here's the problem. When the window pops up with my saved current information for the bookmark of the site I am on, it reinterprets any two word tag WITHOUT the quotes. Do I have retype in tags everytime I edit a site, or can you fix this?
Primus Luta

Flock Beta Toolbar Crash - 71 views

flock toolbar
started by Primus Luta on 18 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    I just tried both Flock 1.2.4 and Flock 2.0b2 on Windows. Everything looks fine.
    I guess you are using Flock 2 beta on Mac OS X.

    Primus Luta wrote:
    > So I'm starting a separate topic on this as the Firefox issue seems to be fixed, but Flock 2 crashes with The same thing has been happening since 3.1.5. I can't really give much more than that. The whole app crashes before you get anywhere.
Primus Luta

Firefox Sidebar Bug - 56 views

firefox3 sidebar
started by Primus Luta on 18 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Thanks for reporting. Your sidebar code did not finish initialization.
    Would you please tell us how you get the result shown in the screenshot step by step?

    Primus Luta wrote:
    > Just so you know I've got a few machines. On the laptop (mac ppc leopard) everything seems to be doing fine. However on the macpro (leopard) i couldn't get my bookmarks to show up in the sidebar. It would just go blank. Then I clicked the little link that says my bookmarks and got this little bug
P. G.

"Selection can not be highlighted" - what?! - 80 views

started by P. G. on 06 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Highlight on certain elements or highlight overlapping is not allowed.
    Could you please provide us the url and the text you are trying to highlight so that we can check it?


    Philipp Grunwald wrote:
    > Hi diigo team,
    > I currently get the error message quoted in the title, when I try to highlight something, why??
    > "Selection can not be highlighted."
    > Didn't change anything!
    > Thanks for your help in advance!
    > Kind regards
Hong Kil Dong

Diigo Toolbar cause annoying numerous proxy authorization requests on FF3 - 74 views

bugs firefox3 toolbar bug
started by Hong Kil Dong on 04 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Thanks for reporting. Does your proxy use Http Authentication?
    Because we use the standard XMLHttpRequest for server communication, this might be caused by a FF3 bug (or behavior change). We need to reproduce the problem in our testing environment and see what's wrong.

    Kirill Golub wrote:
    > I access internet through corporate Squid-based proxy, and after updating my FF up to 3 version, Diigo Toolbar generate 3 proxy authorization requests besides standard browser's one :o
Ivan Pavlov

Diigo firefox extension and the firebug console - 59 views

firebug javascript
started by Ivan Pavlov on 04 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Please set extensions.diigotb.trace to false in about:config
    Logging is not enabled by default. You may have accidentally enabled it.

    Ivan Pavlov wrote:
    > The firefox extension checks if there is Firebug installed and logs certain messages in the firebug console. My console has enough other things in it and it is very annoying to have stuff I didn't ask for in there. Can this behavior be turned off, I mean, without me hacking the extension javascript code?
    > Thanks in advance.
Helaine .

Does Diigo work with the official, released version of FireFox 3.0? - 332 views

diigo firefox help resolved
started by Helaine . on 21 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Thanks for reporting!
    We use jQuery in an unobtrusive way so that it doesn't conflict with other jQuery instances in the web pages. In fact, jQuery was inspired by the technique and now encloses all the code in an anonymous function.

    The conflict with is caused by a blank css style sheet we insert. digg's javascript tries to access a rule without checking for presence first.

    We resolved the conflict with There will be an update soon.

    We also looked into the conflict with Download Statusbar extension in early May. It is caused by a regression bug in Firefox 3. I discussed the issue with Devon Jensen (author of Download Statusbar) in email and he submitted a bug here
    Obviously Firefox didn't get the bug fixed before releasing 3.0.

    We are trying to fix all known conflicts.
    Please wait for our next update.

    Mr. DiGi wrote:
    > I'm not using Digg. It looks like some conflict with Diigo's jQuery and Digg's jQuery. Is this trouble bug-reported here?
    > Also I'm not using Download statusbar plugin, because Firefox 3 already have nice statusbar info about download progress.
    > elmoglick wrote:
    > > Not quite. The Diigo plugin prevents viewing of comments on Digg. It also breaks the Firefox Download Statusbar Plug-In.
    > >
    > > Diigo may be more advanced, but doesn't screw the browser display up. Until they get the plug-in working properly, I'm back to the more compatible plug-in.
    > >

installing toolbar - 33 views

started by anonymous on 22 May 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Firefox needs to restart in order to finish an extension installation. You can try firefox 3 which has a session manager that can restore all opened tabs after restarting.

    Donal Conlon wrote:
    > It'd be real nice, if the toolbar install didn't force my browser closed thus loosing all my open tabs.
    > thanks
William Buntz

Version Severe Install Problem - 143 views installation
started by William Buntz on 12 May 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Thanks for reporting. We have temporarily rolled back to the previous version due to the severity of the problem you have reported.
    Though our own testing installs/upgrades the toolbar perfectly, we are trying to find a possible cause of this problem.

    Could you please tell us
    Did firefox download the xpi completely? (Did the download progress bar reach 100%?)
    Did you see any warning or error message from Firefox?

    Your help will be very helpful.

    William Buntz wrote:
    > When I re-started my Firefox browser, I was notified of a new version. I had (I am still using Firefox
    > When I re-opened Firefox, Diigo is gone! I checked the extensions and even the extension I installed is not showing up. I disappeared.
    > I right-clicked on my menu bar so I can check to show the Diigo toolbar but it is not there to check.
    > I reinstalled the extension and still nothing! What's up with this?
ralf starkowski

Diigo Toolbar points to wrong url - 79 views

diigo toolbar
started by ralf starkowski on 13 May 08 no follow-up yet
Ellen H.

Help!! Diigo toolbar is acting wonky! - 69 views

bug toolbar
started by Ellen H. on 10 May 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Your toolbar is somehow specified to use as server. In order to use the correct server, please change extensions.diigotb.server to www in about:config

    Or you can wait for the new version ( schedule on next Monday which will correct the setting automatically.
Ivan Pavlov

Diigo extension install problems - 53 views

started by Ivan Pavlov on 05 May 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Thanks. I think you were using early "alpha" toolbar.
    Please set extensions.diigotb.server to www in about:config so that the toolbar uses the correct server.

    Ivan Pavlov wrote:
    > After installing the extension on Firefox -2 or 3 doesn't matter - I get the following error (in javascript console): this.matrix[A.prefs.val("server")] is undefined in diigo.urls.js
    > Seems to be some obscure cache issue because A.prefs.val("server") evaluates to "alpha" and matrix only has the following objects in it: "cn", "preview", and "www". Copying matrix.www to matrix.alpha solved to problem for me but... this may be something developers would like to look into.
Rick Shide

Diigo toolbar in Firefox 3 sprays exceptions - 77 views

bugs exceptions bug
started by Rick Shide on 01 May 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Thanks for reporting. Could you please tell us your OS/Firefox version and what extensions you've installed?
    Rick pogg wrote:
    > The toolbar sprays hundreds of error messages when the mouse is moved on a page, even if the toolbar is hidden:
    > Error: localThis.globalMouseMove is not a function
    > Source File: chrome://diigotb/content/toolbar.xml
    > Line: 46
cuttingedge -

embedded video not working - 46 views

video Flash bug
started by cuttingedge - on 27 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Thanks for reporting. We are looking into the problem.

Styling the appearance of bookmarklet - 76 views

bookmarklet color css
started by gialloporpora on 19 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Hi, thanks for your suggestion for Diiglet user interface. A new version of Diigolet is under development and will be hopefully released soon.
    We've been working hard to ensure that diigolet looks consistent inside various hosting web pages (and most importantly, cross browser). The id/class and styles are subject to change and may appear "tricky". Therefore it is not recommended to write your own customized styles at the moment.
    The idea of interface customization is interesting and our developers are thinking about that seriously.


Ellen H.

Toolbar Search buttons - 51 views

question search toolbar
started by Ellen H. on 02 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Thanks for your feedback.
    In current design, the search input, the search button and the keyword buttons function as a whole. That's why there is only one check box for the 3 toolbar items in the options window.

    We'll consider providing an option to hide the keyword buttons. For now, here are a few tips:
    1. drag the keyword button group to the right most so they don't occupy useful space
    2. delete your input in the search box. the keyword buttons will remove

    Ellen H. wrote:
    > I recently tried the customized search feature, and I absolutely fell in love with it.
    > There's just one problem--I don't want the highlight and word buttons after the search bar. I don't use them, and they take up valuable space. I am using Firefox , so I figured it wouldn't be a problem. It's really easy to customize toolbars, so I just dragged the icons into the little holding area. Easy.
    > Except every time I use the search bar by typing in the box, they come back! Then I have to go to customize and remove them again. Which works--until the next time I type in a search. This doesn't happen when I use the context menu to search.
    > Is there anything I can do to stop this behavior? I really like the diigo search bar, and I don't want to switch back to Firefox's built in one, but this is buggin' the heck out of me!
John L. Knight

Sidebar: Refresh button - 98 views

started by John L. Knight on 30 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Thanks for your feedback. Normally, adding/removing a bookmark using the toolbar will automatically update the sidebar.
    There is a quick tip for you when you want to refresh manually. Leave the tags input empty and click the "Filter" button.
cuttingedge -

Sidebar wordWrap Annotations - 68 views

features sidebar
started by cuttingedge - on 29 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
  • Arrix Z
    Thanks for your suggestion!

    The single line annotations displayed in sidebar serve as an outline. We will soon provide a way to view entire annotation content in sidebar, too, possibly using a mouse over panel.

    Cuttingedge wrote:
    > In the new sidebar under 'this URL' we can select 'annotations'.
    > In the demo video it shows the annotations with wordWrapping so that you can
    > see your entire annotation however in my sidebar I see only one line per
    > annotation.(Firefox and IE) Is there any way to get it to wordWrap?
Ed Brownstein

Toolbar Changelog - 40 views

started by Ed Brownstein on 29 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin liked it
  • Arrix Z
    Yes, you are right. We are putting up a nice change log.
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