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Contents contributed and discussions participated by gialloporpora


Is it possible to localize Diigo in other languages? - 37 views

localizzation italian
started by gialloporpora on 04 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
  • gialloporpora
    Like in subject, is it possible to translate (now or in future) the interface of Diigo in other locales ?
    I think that it is important to have new users that have problems with english.
    If yes, I could help to translate in italian.



Favicon for Diigolet on Firefox - 84 views

diigolet favicon firefox
started by gialloporpora on 24 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
  • gialloporpora
    If somebody (like me) don't like the default favicon associated to Diigolet in the Firefox toolbar, you can install this userstyle:

    or - if you don't want to install Stylish extension - copy code in your userchrome.css file (in Profile/chrome subfolder).

    As explained in the userstyle description, it is possible to remove text "Diigolet" showing only favicon (to save space in you toolbar).

    If you have changed the default name of Diigo bookmarklet, it don't work, but it is very simple to modify it to working again.

    I have tested it only with FF 3.0, but it is possible it works also with older version and with other Gecko based browser (Flock, K-Meleon, Seamonkkey ...)


Styling the appearance of bookmarklet - 76 views

bookmarklet color css
started by gialloporpora on 19 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
  • gialloporpora
    Arrix Z wrote:
    > Hi, thanks for your suggestion for Diiglet user interface. A new version of Diigolet is under development and will be hopefully released soon.
    > We've been working hard to ensure that diigolet looks consistent inside various hosting web pages (and most importantly, cross browser). The id/class and styles are subject to change and may appear "tricky". Therefore it is not recommended to write your own customized styles at the moment.
    > The idea of interface customization is interesting and our developers are thinking about that seriously.
    > Thanks
    @Arrix Z,
    thank you for your reply and thank to all Diigo Team for this hard work :-)
    Ok, I wait for the new version without making changes.

    I have another suggestion, if possible, if accesskey are added to "Submit" button it is accessible without scrolling the panel.

    Sorry for my english, I am not an english speaker.

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