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Graham Perrin

Since Diigo 5, all annotated links seem to fail - 35 views

bug resolved priority Diigolet annotated link redirect gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 01 Jul 10
  • Graham Perrin
  • Joel Liu
    Thanks. We are looking into the issue.
  • Graham Perrin
    Arrix Z, Joel: thanks!
  • Dave Yuhas
    I cannot get the annotated links to bookmarks which have annotations. Given the last reply in this thread, I'd say this feature is broken.
  • sandy_diigo
    @Dave Yuhas
    Having tested just now,it works fine for me. Please click on the share option and get the annotated link.
    If the problem persists,can you please advise the URL?
  • Dave Yuhas
  • sandy_diigo
    You do not follow the right steps. Please select "get the annotated link" from the drop down menu of share option.
    The share option is located below each item.
    As you see,the following are annotated links of webpage you mentioned above.

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