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reckoner reckoner

sort bookmarks by date added? - 101 views

resolved duplicate suggestion diigo sorting sort help

started by reckoner reckoner on 18 Jul 10
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  • reckoner reckoner
    Is it possible to sort bookmarks by the date they were added ?
  • Graham Perrin
    This feature of Diigo 3.x was lost when services were upgrade to 4.0 beta. In Diigo 5.0 we're still without the ability to sort by date added. This loss of functionality is one of the very few things about which I rant.

    Please enable e-mail notification for (and maybe click the Like mark in) (2009-10-18),
    Please restore the ability to sort by date added/created

    Postscript: I see your previous post (2010-03-02),
    is it possible to search by date?

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