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Chris Studer

Banner ad on meta page - 17 views

bug meta ads advertisement scroll bar

started by Chris Studer on 02 Jun 10
  • Graham Perrin
    > moves the header and footer up or down

    I don't have that problem. Using Safari in Mac OS X 10.6.x, 64-bit with meta URLs such as


    >> do not require the user to scroll down, or page down, before tabs become visible

    … is that the problem that you see?
  • Chris Studer
    There are two scroll bars for the personal annotations area. The one farthest in from the margin does not scroll anything but the header and footer as far as I can tell. The one near the margin does scroll the whole page - meta page and personal annotations section. So, I can scroll down to my last personal annotation but the banner still covers up two of of my annotations - which is quite annoying. See this screenshot -

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