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Richard Lloyd

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sidebar suggestion meta edit send comment bookmark library

started by Richard Lloyd on 12 Oct 09
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  • Richard Lloyd
    I would like to see the ability to edit the bookmarks with in the side bar! Basically have the edit, meta, send, comment, etc. in there as well when viewing My Livrary
  • Graham Perrin
    Can you help me to visualise this, please? Do you mean:

    * when the main window of Firefox displays a Diigo Meta view of a bookmarked page

    * the sidebar of Diigo should change, contextually, to allow edition of that bookmark?
  • brandon frasier
  • Graham Perrin
    > meta, comment

    Diigo Meta presents public comments beneath a tab, but:

    * the view too often defaults to history, which is surely less interesting than comments

    * the tabs (to switch from history to comments) are often invisible until after the user scrolls down -- carefully, not too far down, if you're not careful you'll miss the tabs in the middle of the window pane.

    Diigo Meta invites the user to Add comment but again, the button to post may be invisible unless the user scrolls it into sight.

    > tag cloud

    Diigo Meta presents

    * a cloud of a few Top tags

    * a more comprehensive (but scattered and paginated) view of tags beneath the History tab but again, the tab may be invisible unless the user scrolls it into sight.

    > when clicked popup window appears

    I'm usually easy-going about pop-ups that appear on demand. However: with Diigo Meta, I think that there would be a real possibility of confusion/misplacement if a user has two or more Meta views in addition to the pop-up.

    I strongly suggest a more rational arrangement of elements within Diigo Meta.

    Diigo Meta has great potential but to me, its proportions and layout are less than ideal. is a good example of the fiddliness of reaching the Comments tab.

    Screen shots to follow.


    Corrected the URL for the example.
  • Graham Perrin
    Screen shots at show the
    seven steps from the sidebar view of my library (Diigo
    to the comments field in Diigo Meta.

    Shot 2 of 7 shows the Diigo menu offering a step to the cached version of the page.


    The Diigo menu should offer a step to Diigo Meta with focus on the public comments tab.

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