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ken meece

inviting currrent users to be friends - 95 views


started by ken meece on 23 Apr 07
  • ken meece
    is it possible yet to add existing users as friends? if not, will you notify me when it is? (is there a way i can set up such a notification?) thanks, ken
  • eyal matsliah
    AFAIK, The Diigo team is working on this and it will be available soon.

    Notification on updates/features - that's a good idea.

    Try emailing and ask to be added to the mailing list.

    At the mean time, you can subscribe to the diigo blog at

    News and updates are also posted at:

    amortal wrote:
    > is it possible yet to add existing users as friends? if not, will you notify me when it is? (is there a way i can set up such a notification?) thanks, ken
  • Maggie Tsai
    Hi amortal,

    Yes, forthcoming. We have some delay in rolling this "add friends" feature because a lot of very exciting new development have been added for the enhancement. Whether to introduce them in stages or all at once, we're still deciding on the release schedule. Will advise when ready.

    Yes, Eyal is right about various ways of keeping track of Diigo new announcements. Also, a little advanced preview: we will roll out some group RSS features later this week. That will make keeping track of Diigo announcements even easier :-)
  • A Mommy
    I have sent invites to 5 people and I know for a fact that 3 of them joined as new members and they are not showing in friends list. I added one friend a while back and don't remember if I needed to do anything else.
    How and when are friends added to list after they accept an invite??

  • Maggie Tsai
    In our existing system, they must click your invite link in the invite email and go through the whole new user account creation process to be "considered" added to your friendlist. If they directly create their own account without clicking your invite link, then they won't appear on your list.

    Yes, we know - It's not the most optimal design - we're working on a new system to make it easier for you to add new friends, and invite existing Diigo users to be included in your list. So stay turned.
  • A Mommy
    That's just it they ALL clicked the link to either join group or the invite to create an account.

    The invite friend email that was sent to them titled Great Tools for Online Research had create account link

    The join group email

    I want to email 200+ people an invite to a group but not sure now that my invites are not becoming friends.

    usernames I know clicked on link in email and joined.
    they all joined yesterday I think..maybe the day before

    It worked for user hadir now in my friends list, so I don't know what went wrong.
  • ken meece
    i'd say the the 'friends' feature of Diigo is nearly disfunctional or broken.

    until this is fixed/upgraded, it just isn't possible to count on "friends' really working in the sense of being a functional tool / community.

    DIIGO: please work on this upgrade -- may i dare say make it a priority? Diigo 'friends" has such potential, and of course DIIGO has potentially awesome value for building community, but without friends being functional DIIGO is pretty much reduced to just a personal web bookmarking site.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Couldn't agree more :-)

    We've decided to release a bunch of new stuff together - since they are highly interwoven and integrated. Adding / finding friends is definitely one of them.

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