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Danny Rhay

Diigo etiquette on "friending"... - 51 views

friend diigo etiqette

started by Danny Rhay on 17 Aug 09
  • Danny Rhay
    What do people think about "friending" people on Diigo? Is there a proper etiquette?

    Is it important to write a note along with a friend request? Do people like getting friend requests from people they don't know? Should there always be some similarity in bookmarks, groups or tags, or does that not really matter?

    Other things to consider?


    P.S. Please forgive and redirect me if there are already existing topics on this subject...
  • Danny Rhay
    Ahh, I now see the "Search Group Topics" in the right hand column. Seems that would be a good tool for checking to see if there are pre-existing topics before posting... Meant to be sleeping by now so I'll delve into that further another night. Obviously a newbie here :)

  • The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

    "Is there a proper etiquette?"

    Probably not, though I'm sure somebody will pretend that there is - who would establish such a thing? Really, something akin to the Golden Rule is worth more than a few reams of text about Netiquette.

    Personally, when I'm new on a site and have few friends, I start out by being pretty easy, a regular friends wh ... ummm, gentleman of the evening. If you catch my meaning. I'll say "yes" to almost anybody, because that's how I first become visible.

    How few is a few? The largest number of friends I have on any site is eight. I probably would not go above twelve in one location, and would be almost absolutely set on not going above twenty. The only way that could change would be if it had to - ie. a real world friend or family member drops by and asks to be the 21st. I can't say "no" to one of them, but to anybody else, yes, I can. So once I have my third contact, and am visible, I start getting more selective.

    Does this person have a real presence - a page with real content that gives me a sense of what his or her interests are, and a little feel for who he or she is - or am I looking at a blank slate? Does this person seem like somebody I could get along with? Do I enjoy reading the page I'm looking at? Also, has this person friended half the population of North America? What I'm looking for in a "friend" is the possibility of building a relationship that would let me take off those quotes and just be a friend. Who has time to be a friend to 3500 different people?

    Notes? I've sent notes, but have never received one for this, and don't mind. My thought is "it's just a website, chill and don't make a thing out of it" - we're here to have fun. Just be considerate, and if that's not good enough for somebody else, just move on and don't worry about it.

    YMMV, others will differ, and all that other noncommital stuff. It's just how I see things.

  • Graham Perrin
    I'll take this opportunity to apologise for the few friend requests that have gone unanswered in recent months. I'm awaiting the next version of Diigo before responding to them.
  • The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

    Graham Perrin wrote:

    > I'll take this opportunity to apologise for the few friend requests that have gone
    > unanswered in recent months. I'm awaiting the next version of Diigo before
    > responding to them.

    Gosh, Graham, what would happen if everybody who had neglected friends requests in the last few months were to submit a comment like that? Why, it would shut down the thread, and as we've seen you argue on another thread, we can't have that. We must get the moderators involved to remove your post, and then properly chastise you.

    May I count on your support in this? Also, still having trouble seeing why somebody might find that you were behaving in a manner that suggested just the tiniest bit of egotism on your part? Where would you get the idea that the one thing on our minds, as we read this discussion, was how up to date you were on your friends list? How is that of general relevance?

  • anonymous
    That's a good idea.........

    Heel tastic review
  • chiqui long
    I would like to believe that there is a proper etiquette but the truth is, there is none...Personally, I often investigate first if who is the person who has sent me a friend request..If the person seems fine/nice (don't know what my bases are), then I accept the invite if not, I just ignore them...


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