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Graham Perrin

Considerate placement of floating sticky notes - 67 views

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started by Graham Perrin on 27 May 09
  • Graham Perrin
    When you place a floating sticky note, please do so considerately.

    If you move someone else's note, please do so considerately.


    1. First, view the site at an average font size. (If your eyesight requires you to use a larger than average size, reduce the size before placing the note. Consider the average user.)

    2. Next, make the size of your browser window sensible. No thinner or wider than it needs to be. (If you have a wide display, don't assume that other viewers will be able to see anything so wide.)

    3. Scroll up or down to an appropriate point before starting the floating sticky note.

    4. After finishing the note, reload the page.

    5. Check again that the position of the speech bubble icon is acceptable.

    6. Move your pointer over the bubble.

    7. Check again that the spread of the note is acceptable.


    If the bubble or the note are not suitably positioned - if you have to move either one - then

    8. copy the text of your note

    9. delete the original note

    10. start again, begin the note at a point on the page that is less likely to be troublesome.

    Don't worry, the routine is not normally so long! After you do this once or twice (we learn through our mistakes) you should gain a sense of how best to place your note, without fuss. The key thing is to consider other viewers' perceptions of your note.

    Fixed width sites

    Particular care must be taken with fixed-width sites. Do not place notes beyond the bounds of that site's width. Respect the designer's intention: before placing your note, adjust the width of your browser window to match the width of the site.


    If you have problems with floating sticky notes, or if other users find problems with the places that you have floated them, then use an alternative.

    It's more normal to stick a note to highlighted text.

    If your note is not related to a particular text, then use a page comment.


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