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Jack Park

export start row not behaving as expected - 35 views

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started by Jack Park on 08 Oct 08
  • Jack Park
    I do an export of all my bookmarks until none are left. Then I add another bookmark and return to export what's new. I show in the first export that I exported a count of 497 rows. So, I begin my next export as follows:

    What is returned is not the lone bookmark, but rather several, starting from, according to the first export, row 449 and progressing forward from there. I am not sure what this suggests, other than the distinct possibility that I'm not using the API correctly.

    Thanks, Jack
  • Jack Park
    More information with a more controlled test.
    Reduced rows to 10 at a time.
    When it hits thinks it is retrieving row 498, row 490 is retrieved (again), and so on for 8 more rows.

    Here is what I see. In theory, I am asking for 10 rows at a time, but a query started at an interval that is not on a multiple of 10. The previous query started at 490. It appears that only 8 bookmarks were returned, so the next query started at 498, which, it would seem, is out of bound. I should have received an empty result, but didn't. Instead,Diigo appears to have begun recycling the previous query.


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