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Export cache - 280 views

export feature suggestion
  • slinkygn
    Are there any plans to expand the export functionality so that the cached page with highlights can be saved?

    Diigo's cache feature is useful in that you store the original data at the time you found it -- perfect for research, as you know the data you found is always there. But if the cache isn't exported, exports are useless for any changed pages. And even on pages that haven't changed, any highlighting you did of any information is gone. For people that tend to highlight very often (perhaps because they read very "busy" pages, like many research articles tend to be, so they need to highlight the useful bits), this is a big drawback.
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  • slinkygn
    Dan Howard wrote:
    > I want to be able to get **my own copy** of **my data**. And with Furl, I would do exactly that from time to time.

    Well put.

    As the OP from a year and a half ago, I'd like to add one thing:

    At the time, I was selecting between online bookmarking/data archival/annotation services. My choice, ironically, came down to Diigo and Furl. Diigo had the better feature set, which I actually noted on the Furl forums. The *only* advantage that Furl had was the ability to export my data.

    The decision was easy. I didn't use Diigo again. That functionality was more than enough for me to choose Furl. Writing this post, I signed into Diigo for the first time since that day.

    I value the data I put into these services. It is *my* work on *my* data that makes it valuable to *me*. The concept that somehow I would not be able to possess or access my data without being forced to use a specific brand of tool is unacceptable. Even Microsoft, proprietary behemoth that it is, is now using XML for its Office documents. Data availability in an industry-standard format is beyond optional these days.

    Diigo still has the better feature set. But if it doesn't get some sort of export functionality, I'm taking my Furl export and moving my stuff to Evernote.
  • slinkygn
    Well, I'm glad that others clearly agreed that having individual access to a copy of the data outside of the system, for whatever reason, is a good thing. (Wish I never brought up Evernote! Obviously a touchy subject here. Yes, some think it falls short in some features. Obviously from this thread, some think Diigo does too. The discussion of EN's shortfalls I'm happy to discuss in their forums -- but they, and for that matter discussion of comparison between the two, have NOTHING to do with the point at hand! We're discussing a perceived shortfall in Diigo that would be true whether EN existed or not.)

    That being said, I'm not sure the "related questions" are very germane either, are they? I mean, my apologies if I'm wrong, but whether you want the data export for backup or for actual external use -- how does that change that for either case, export is necessary? Export as XML and anybody can write a processor for it if they want to somehow "use" it externally.

    > Defocusing from Diigo: backup is always a great idea.

    *That's* the point. Export -- *any* sort of export -- is a fundamental necessity. And when I'm investing so much time in creating this data, to say I can have no assurance of its permanence save "trust that Diigo will remain forever" is enough reason for me not to use it. I'm sure GM employees felt really good about their retirement pensions until a month ago or so... Security by faith alone is silly.
  • slinkygn

    Sorry I missed your reply for so long! Must've overlooked my email notification.

    > How do you find the five export options and API at ?

    I think they're better than when I first looked at the service a year and a half ago, but not quite there. The one major thing they lack is the ability to export the cached page along with the sticky notes, etc. Those things don't mean much outside of the context in which they were created. And a good bit of the usefulness of services like this, I think, is the ability to retrieve information you've previously seen even if it's no longer on the Web. It's why I used offline archiving for a while (eg. Firefox's Scrapbook extension), before realizing I'd much prefer that sort of thing in the cloud.
  • slinkygn
    Well, it would seem to me that for *all* cases, you'd only want one cached page per bookmark - the cached page from the date and time that you created the bookmark itself.

    With that modification, I'll say I was picturing #1. #3 sounds pretty darn cool, but much more complicated. If I had #1, I'd be fine.

    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > Which of the following do you imagine?
  • slinkygn
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > In less technical terms, and in fewer words, Joel has outlined what Diigo are working on:
    > - Joel's points 1, 2 and 3 relate to copies that will cached and served by Diigo
    > - think: remote, the cloud.
    > Back to this topic, focused on export:
    > - export of cached copies, from Diigo service
    > - export of Diigo annotations, from Diigo service
    > - think: local, your computer.

    Right -- the former is already, on the whole, available. It's the latter that I'd like added.

    I read through that thread before, but it seems like it hasn't been updated recently -- are there any others that detail any developments in the past couple of months?
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