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Call Me What You Want

Interesting Bug (Possible FF Extension Conflict) - 53 views

Yeah, I forgot about that factor. Sorry if I couldn't help pinpoint the extension that was causing the issue but I think it was probably a rare extension. I have several experimental extension...

bugs firefox bug add-on extension conflict resolved

Graham Perrin

Bug: Last slash of URL removed. - 71 views

Thanks. Comments at

bugs bug

why is stalin

Bug - Can't customise web search - 34 views

When I edit the customise_search page to add new search engines, even though I click "save all", my changes aren't saved and if I reload the page or try a right-click search on a webpage I just get...

bugs search search-feature web-search bug

started by why is stalin on 24 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Bug:: Floating Sticky Notes Do Not Share to Diigo Groups - 146 views

Subject: Floating Sticky Notes Do Not Share to Diigo Groups @ Julie Please, could you post to a separate topic? Thanks.

bugs floating annotation groups sticky note bug resolved

Suzannah Claire

BUG:: Converting Read to Unread - 39 views

Hey everyone, small bug tonight. having issues converting bookmarks from read to unread. I'm cleaning house right now with private bookmarks, and trying to use the unread feature, you know the ...

bug bugs read unread

started by Suzannah Claire on 18 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Bug in Collecting Flash | FF3 Toolbar - 103 views

Wierd glitches today. Has happened multiple times 1. Bookmark & collect flash on a site. (site being youtube and vimeo) Little message and checkmark (Collected!) shows up. 2. Go to My bookmarks 3....

bug bugs firefox3 toolbar Flash

Suzannah Claire

Bug In the Diigolet: - 61 views

Since the advent of chrome, the diigolet is our only way to stay with Diigo if we love chrome. which i do. I thought that I would report that there is a bug concerning tags that are two words with ...

bug bugs chrome diigolet

started by Suzannah Claire on 08 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
Nathan Rein

Diigo to Delicious Bugs - 91 views

My input: first, the "annotated link" text in the Delicious description. I would be OK with it staying but not URL-encoded. It's too long and unreadable, and you have to URL-decode it before you ca...

bugs delicious diigo bug

Suzannah Claire

Rebookmarking /Editing: Does Delicious Get it? - 71 views

One more thing, Can we add Remove Bookmark to the diigolet?

bookmarking bugs delicious diigo bug

Call Me What You Want

Friend Request Needs Work - 36 views

From this topic here: I just want to suggest that the friend request feature be improved. It is highly annoyi...

bugs suggestion bug

started by Call Me What You Want on 31 Aug 08 no follow-up yet

Toolbar (FF) Bugs in Editing a Current Bookmark - 77 views

got huge problems with my toolbar....cant see all my bookmarks. all with a "orange star" i can only see in "tags"...(all the private ones) in one of my lists are 25 bookmarks, 5 open and 20 privat...

bookmarking bugs toolbar bug

Call Me What You Want

Reference Error: $ is not defined - 45 views

Not sure if this has anything to do with Autopager since it's the only add-on I have installed since then but I'm getting this error when trying to reply to the forum. I did try replying with it d...

bugs firefox bug

started by Call Me What You Want on 20 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
Daniel Gauthier

Where is this forum in the dashboard? the drop-down title-bar? - 983 views

Jay Peek wrote: > Maggie, > > I feel I have assembled the questions sufficiently in one post. -Then i guess we should only need one forum? > This is an attempt of you and yours to reverse time ...

and bugs interface qs bug

Hong Kil Dong

Diigo Toolbar cause annoying numerous proxy authorization requests on FF3 - 74 views

Yes, our proxy use Basic http authentication I've solved this problem adding Proxy-Authorization header to every request using "Modify Headers" extension

bugs firefox3 toolbar bug

Kanak Kalburgi

Can't see friends on Diigo Sidebar - 60 views

I'm able to see my friend now. Thanks!

bugs problem bug

Joel Liu

error messages - 46 views

You can send it to joel 【at】 diigo dot com. Thanks.

bugs errors bug

Josh T.

Diigolet highlight doesn't work - 146 views

Seems to be working now. Thanks! Joel Liu wrote: > We updated a diigolet version. Could you try it again? > > Thanks

bugs diigolet highlighting bug

Joel Liu

DIIDOG toolbar V3有一个BUG - 109 views

你是说用的firefox 然后按照了IE tab 这个Firefox 插件,导致在IE tab 插件状态下,diigo toolbar 不可用? 还是用的IE toolbar, 在多tab 下不能用?

bugs bug

Mappa Democratica

TypeError: tinyMCE has no properties - Windows Vista - both on FF and IE - 36 views

with Opera the messages work well, but there is no toolbar for Opera... Maybe it is useful to say that I am forced to use a very slow connection at present and that Opera didn't work at the first ...

bugs bug

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