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Graham Perrin

Vote please for Firefox to have better interapplication communication - 241 views

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started by Graham Perrin on 20 Dec 08
  • Graham Perrin
    If you have an account with Bugzilla@Mozilla and a free vote (I had 1,000 votes to cast when I joined) then please, can I encourage you to cast one vote for one or more of these three bugs:

    Bug 104331 was reported in 2001


    and the absence of Firefox support for System Services (interapplication communication) is not an encouragement to developers.

    My own votes have been cast :)

    For those of you who prefer a Gecko engine to a WebKit engine: Gecko-based Camino has been around since February 2002. One of the driving forces behind Chimera (as it was originally called) was Firefox lack of support for System Services.

    It's seven years since the bug was reported to Mozilla developers, and nearly six years since Chimera/Camino became the faster, better, System Services-enabled citizen on Mac OS X, so Firefox is _really_ behind the times on this one.

    On the bright side: I see a small flurry of December 2008 discussion in the 2001 ticket, so maybe the Mozilla developers are close to a first breakthrough :)

    Many thanks
  • Graham Perrin
    We have also (reported in 2002) which is

    > Status: RESOLVED FIXED (I can't tell when)

    but critically,

    > more work to be done on services and it has very little testing

    and (reported in 2003)

    > Status: VERIFIED FIXED (I can't tell when)

    I still think, the more votes the better, especially if there is "more work to be done" etc. - it should be nice to know the bugs relating to that "more work".

    (Whether there's value in voting for RESOLVED FIXED before it becomes VERIFIED FIXED, I don't know.)

    Postscript - important

    Correction: please do not vote for bugs that are resolved.
  • Graham Perrin

    is my request for enhancement relating to loss of hyperlinks and other richness.
    is my request for enhancement relating to loss of images.

    Keywords for both bugs:


    As far as I can tell these losses, whilst clearly undesirable, are _expected_;
    acknowledges a limitation 'sending strings to services' and
    acknowledges that the resolution excludes images.

    Postscript: beginning parallel to this thread, there's a separate topic
    > Mozilla Firefox, System Services and Diigo: state of the union and focused discussion
  • Graham Perrin
    Mozilla bug 470642 seems to be not far from resolution :)

    If you're a user of Firefox, Flock etc. on Mac OS X, then it's well worth voting for Mozilla core
    bug 79864 - Mac style text 'styl' or RTF support for mozilla clipboard

    > Assigned To: Nobody; OK to take it and work on it

    - if you know any developer with relevant skills, you might like to steer them in that direction :)

    - for as long as bug 79864 remains open, it's impossible to copy rich text or HTML from Mozilla applications on this platform (AFAICT the clipboard in Mozilla is limited to plain text).

    Another one that's worth progressing, or at least voting for is Mozilla core
    bug 470651 - System Services (interapplication communication on Mac OS X): services to support images in Mozilla applications

    - I wonder whether that will be blocked by bug 79864.

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