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Sharin Tebo

Could Rubric-Based Grading Be the Assessment of the Future? | MindShift | KQED News - 5 views

  • rubric-based alternative
  • First, they set out to define the essential learning outcomes that faculty, employers and accreditors saw as important.
  • The faculty worked together to write rubrics (called
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • They went through norming sessions where each person would score a piece of student work using the rubric, and they’d come together to make sure people were assigning a similar grade.
  • formative feedback
  • body of evidence
  • cross-disciplinary
  • authentic work
    Moving to a rubric-based system in University
Wayne Holly

Quick Rubric - Free, Fast, and Easy to Use! :) - 72 views

    Quick Rubric is a free tool for writing, editing, and printing rubrics.On Quick Rubric you can create a rubric that is tailored to your points/ scoring system, the quantity of descriptors that you need, and utilizes the exact language that you specify. You can save as many rubrics as you like in your free Quick Rubric account. You can copy and modify rubrics your account so that you don't always have to start from scratch when creating a new assignment rubric.

Project Based Learning Checklists - 99 views

    Checklist Tool
Mary Glackin

Rubrics for Evaluating Discussion Forums in Online Courses | Faculty Focus - 109 views

  • The quality of the discussion forum depends on the ability to develop a sense of community, the clarity of the discussion questions, and the use of a grading rubric that includes standards of performance.
    "The quality of the discussion forum depends on the ability to develop a sense of community, the clarity of the discussion questions, and the use of a grading rubric that includes standards of performance."
Roland Gesthuizen

A Wonderful Blogging Rubric for Teachers and Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobi... - 27 views

    "For those of you using or planning to integrating blogging as an instructional activity in class, the rubric below from the University of Wisconsin Stout is definitely a must have. This rubric is available for free and can be downloaded in PDF format." 
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource. On the site there were links that offered several resources for assessments, also. Good find!!
Lauren Rosen

The New Doctopus & Add-ons Gallery - YouTube - 66 views

    "" Using doctopus and goobric to grade student work and increase communication with them about their work. Must be using google docs for student submissions and chrome browser.
Don Doehla

Assessing creativity with critical thinking - 88 views

    New rubrics from BIE synthsizing critical thinking, creativity, communication skills in PBL

FreeBIEs | Project Based Learning | BIE - 5 views

    PBL website

Techlandia Episode 23 - Tony Vincent Interview - Techlandia Podcast | Pocket Casts - 0 views

    Creating rubrics
Kate Pok

In Which We Discover Stanines - 33 views

    1. when we think of scoring a rubric, we intuitively think that each of the possible scores as being equally likely.  This is a subtle systemic bias that happens because each column in the rubric’s grid is the same width. 

    So what?  Well, we’ve just seen that it makes just as much sense for intervals to vary in size as it does for them all to be the same size.  In other words: you cannot interpret a rubric element’s scores unless you know what kind of distribution has been assumed by the author of the rubric!

    a poorly organized site with some VERY useful information about rubrics

Assessment and Rubrics - Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - 208 views

    A retired Technology Teachers website with lots of good resources to use in technology and education
    pre-created rubrics 
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