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Marc Patton

A List of Great Checklists Every Teacher should Have ~ Educational Technology and Mobil... - 254 views

    Checklists are tools that we the teachers and educators use probably on everyday basis.Obviously, they have several advantages as shown below and I personally love them. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been publishing some great checklists over the last couple of years. We have decided to go through all of them and come up with the list below. Some of the checklists are new and have been included here for the first time.
Martin Burrett

Lightbulb Checklist by @mrskidson14 - 52 views

    "This checklist includes all the important aspects of an Outstanding Lesson Plan Template, but in a checklist format so that you can make sure every aspect is covered, but write your plan in your own format, e.g. chronological. I stick this above my desk so I can refer to it when planning."
Dallas McPheeters

A Checklist for Facilitating Online Courses | Faculty Focus - 68 views

    A Checklist for Facilitating Online Courses is a brief reminder of what to do each week of an online course and itemized by the different needs within the online classroom.
Jennie Snyder

The Influencer checklist | johnstepper - 39 views

  • ut “Influencer” describes how to tap into 6 very different sources of influence to change specific “vital behaviors” 
  • The checklist
  • Personal motivation
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • Personal Ability
  • ocial motivation
  • Social ability
  • Structural motivation
  • Structural ability
Marsha Ratzel

AllThingsAssessment » Blog Archive » Teacher Checklists to Assess the Common ... - 131 views

    Excellent article about unpacking and repacking standards. Develops checklist to use to then monitor progress towards meeting each target. Very useful, clear and easy to implement.

Project Based Learning Checklists - 99 views

    Checklist Tool

Essential_Elements.pdf - 63 views

    PBL checklist

Web Accessibility Checklist - 17 views

    See helps to assessing how well Web resources meet accessibility guidelines. ☐  Can the application be used with only the keyboard? ☐  Do images have appropriate text descriptions? ☐  Do pages have a consistent look-and-feel? ☐  Does text have enough color contrast? ☐  Do pages includes headings and landmarks? ☐ Do form controls and widgets have labels? ☐  When styling and layout is removed, is the document understandable? ☐  Does audio content have transcripts? ☐  Do videos have captions?
Margaret Moore-Taylor

Social Pragmatics Checklist, free PDF download - 62 views

    For over 6 years, this PDF search engine has made finding PDFs, eBooks and documents a breeze. Download and print, or read online. PrintFu is the original free PDF search engine.
Elizabeth Resnick

Project Based Learning Rubric - 180 views

    This is a PBL checklist rubric with all possibilities. Created on Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything under Rubrics. Adjustable according to the project. Lots of other rubric templates available.

Back to School Edtech Checklist - 93 views

    Actions to consider before the start of school to get your classroom or school ed tech program off to a fast start.
Susan Manning

course self-assessment checklist - 1 views

    follows 7 principles and provides a checklist of what should be included.
Jonathan Wylie

Evaluating Educational Software: A Checklist for Educators - 74 views

    Use this checklist to ensure that you get the best value for money and are able to choose software that will truly enhance the teaching and learning in classrooms.
Joy Robinson

Your Unofficial Job-Application Checklist - Manage Your Career - The Chronicle of Highe... - 1 views

    • Joy Robinson
      annotated and illustrated CV. Great idea!
    "With more than 4,000 colleges and universities out there, no generalization about how academic employers view s"
Elizabeth Resnick

Holiday Checklist: Get Ready for 2012 with Edmodo | Edmodo - Safe Social Networking for... - 48 views

    edmodo resources:  help center, teacher rollout resources, permission slip for students, etc.
Sandy Munnell

Social networking - - 36 views

    "Social Networking Evaluation Chart This checklist is designed to help review Social Networking Services (SNS). Although services develop continually, Childnet is committed to ensuring that the information provided is accurate at the time of publication (March 2008). We have drawn on publicly available information from service providers' websites (particularly each service's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy), as well as trying out each of the sites reviewed extensively. Additionally, we contacted the service providers included here and invited them to contribute to the project and comment on the chart entry for their service. "
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