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Jac Londe

Cartes de Montréal - 1 views

  • Cartes actuelle de la ville de Montréal
  • Cartes des quartiers et arrondissements de Montréal
  • Cartes du quartier Centre-Ville (PDF) »» Cartes du quartier Côte-des-Neiges - Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (PDF) »» Cartes du quartier Rosemont (PDF) »» Cartes du quartier Outremont (PDF) »» Cartes du quartier Plateau Mont-Royal (PDF) »» Cartes du quartier Ahuntsic / Cartierville (PDF) »» Cartes du quartier Villeray / Saint-Michel (PDF) »» Cartes du quartier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (PDF) »» Cartes du quartier Lachine (PDF) »» Cartes du quartier Verdun (PDF) »» Cartes du quartier Saint-Léonard (PDF) »» Cartes du quartier Westmount (PDF) »» Cartes du quartier Saint-Henri / Petite-Bourgogne (PDF) »» Arrondissement Rivière-des-Prairies Pointe-aux-Trembles (PDF) »» Autres plans Carte détaillée du Montréal Souterrain (PDF) »» Carte détaillée du Montréal Souterrain par la STM (PDF) »» Carte détaillée du Montréal Souterrain RESO (PDF) »» Carte des pistes cyclables de Montréal et ses banlieues(PDF) (PDF) »» Pistes cyclables de la Ville de Montréal(PDF) (PDF) »» Plan du campus de l'Université de Montreal (PDF) »» Plan du campus de l'UQAM »» Carte du réseau d'autoroute du grand Montréal (PDF) »» Plan du Vieux Port de Montréal (PDF) »» Voir aussi: cartes sur le site de la STM
Amy Roediger

Reading Strategies for 'Informational Text' - - 172 views

  • Four Corners and Anticipation Guides:Both of these techniques “activate schema” by asking students to react in some way to a series of controversial statements about a topic they are about to study. In Four Corners, students move around the room to show their degree of agreement or disagreement with various statements — about, for instance, the health risks of tanning, or the purpose of college, or dystopian teen literature. An anticipation guide does the same thing, though generally students simply react in writing to a list of statements on a handout. In this warm-up to a lesson on some of the controversies currently raging over school reform, students can use the statements we provide in either of these ways.
  • Gallery Walks:A rich way to build background on a topic at the beginning of a unit (or showcase learning at the end), Gallery Walks for this purpose are usually teacher-created collections of images, articles, maps, quotations, graphs and other written and visual texts that can immerse students in information about a broad subject. Students circulate through the gallery, reading, writing and talking about what they see.
  • Graphic Organizers:
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  • Making Text-to-Text/Text-to-Self/Text-to-World connectionsCharting Debatable IssuesListing Facts/Questions/ResponsesIdentifying Cause and EffectSupporting Opinions With FactsTracking The Five W’s and an HIdentifying Multiple Points of ViewIdentifying a Problem and SolutionComparing With a Venn Diagram
  • The One-Pager:Almost any student can find a “way in” with this strategy, which involves reacting to a text by creating one page that shows an illustration, question and quote that sum up some key aspect of what a student learned.
  • “Popcorn Reads”:Invite students to choose significant words, phrases or whole sentences from a text or texts to read aloud in random fashion, without explanation. Though this may sound pointless until you try it, it is an excellent way for students to “hear” some of the high points or themes of a text emerge, and has the added benefit of being an activity any reader can participate in easily.
  • Illustrations:Have students create illustrations for texts they’re reading, either in the margins as they go along, or after they’ve finished. The point of the exercise is not, of course, to create beautiful drawings, but to help them understand and retain the information they learn.
    Update | Feb. 2012: We'll be exploring the new Common Core State Standards, and how teaching with The Times can address them, through a series of blog posts. You can find them all here, tagged "the NYT and the CCSS."
    A good list of reading strategies for informational text from the New York Times.
Wayne Holly

Sci2ools - Free Online Suite of Productivity Tools | Browserland - 112 views

    Sci2ools is a free online suite of productivity tools that are very useful for your daily use such as, Convert scanned documents into editable text - OCR, Convert Latex equations to high resolution images to embed in documents, Convert web page to printer friendly PDF, Convert web page to high resolution image or wallpaper, Split and Merge PDF, Extract Images from PDF as JPEG, Convert PDF to Thumbnails, Text, or Postscript, Repair Corrupted PDF if possible, Convert Office Documents to PDF, Image Converter, Converts Latex Documents to RTF, and much more.
Martin Burrett

PDFescape - 54 views

shared by Martin Burrett on 13 May 10 - Cached
    Powerful free online.pdf editor & simple to use. Just start as an "unregistered" user, upload your file, edit, and save & download to your computer! Great tool!
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    Powerful free online.pdf editor & simple to use. Just start as an "unregistered" user, upload your file, edit, and save & download to your computer! Great tool!
    Free PDF editor
    Edit PDF documents with this great site. Just upload or link to an online PDF, add text, free hand writing/drawing and images, then download. Great for adding additional instruction or hand in dates to the PDFs you find online. No sign up require to use most features.
Margaret Moore-Taylor

Social Pragmatics Checklist, free PDF download - 62 views

    For over 6 years, this PDF search engine has made finding PDFs, eBooks and documents a breeze. Download and print, or read online. PrintFu is the original free PDF search engine.
Chema Falcó

20 herramientas de PDF en línea potentes y gratuitas - 2 views

shared by Chema Falcó on 31 Jan 19 - No Cached
    CleverPDF permite pasar de PDF a otros formatos y crear PDF a partir de docs, diapositivas u hojas de cálculo. Además permite combinar, separar, poner marcas de agua y encriptar tus PDFs.
ivan alba

Merge PDF and split PDF online. Free merge PDF or split PDF - 82 views

    I Love PDF is a great resource which stitches together or splits apart PDF documents. Quick and easy to use.
Louisa Puffett - 40 views

    Great PDF that really relates Geometry to professional work, particularly in Engineering. I'd love to be able to watch the movie that goes along with it.
Kate Pok

Accessing Your Zotero Library on an iPad with Mendeley - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of ... - 52 views

  • And the greatest drawback to this method: it’s one-way. If you make any changes to a reference within Mendeley, those changes will not be reflected in Zotero. This drawback is most apparent to me when I read PDFs. Let’s say I have a reference with an attached PDF in Zotero and I want to read it on my iPad (the Mendeley App has a native PDF reader, but you can also open PDFs in external apps, like iAnnotate). If I’m using the Zotero→Mendeley Desktop→Mendeley iPad app method, and I open that PDF on my iPad, any annotations I make on the PDF will not show up in Zotero.
Kate Pok

2 Ways To Annotate Your PDF Files Online - 180 views

    • Kate Pok
      Coollaborative PDF annotation solution for students?
  • What makes it stand out from the other PDF annotators in this list is that it allows you to share your marked-up PDF file with a shortened link, and even with embed codes! Once you share it, you can choose to let your viewers add comments to your document. The other unique feature is that you can collaborate with others so you can all view and annotate the file together, even if you’re in remote locations. You can then see all of the changes made to the document in a sidebar. Crocodoc allows you to download the original file as well as the annotated version, which you can view in Sumatra, Evince or your favorite PDF reader, with annotations and all.
Pablo Cánepa

PDF a DOCX - Convertir PDF a DOCX online - 26 views

    Excelente hta on-line para convertir PDF
Comrad Compadre

Convert PDF to CSV Tables in Tact - 6 views

  • Tabula really is a wonderful tool for extracting data from tables in PDFs. It’s a locally hosted web app that allows you to Select one or more PDFs with the data you want. Identify the area of the page from which to extract the data. Save the data in CSV, TSV, or JSON format. I gave Tabula a try on the same PDF tables I wrote about last night, and it worked perfectly. You may recall that I didn’t like the column headings in the original table. Well, Tabula let me drag a rectangle to select just the data portion of the table, leaving the stuff I didn’t want out of the extracted CSV file.
    How to use Tabula, a browser based locally hosted web app to convert a PDF to a proper file for view in Excel.
    Perhaps useful to the educators out there
Deborah Baillesderr - 6 views

    If you are interested in helping during this health crisis without leaving your home,hese are the pdf instructions for making facemasks. Please refer to the video, also posted on this site, to visually see how they are made.
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Publisher to PDF - Convert Publisher files for FREE - 17 views

    Free Publisher to PDF converter.
Tonya Thomas

Model Updates - 19 views

  • Social Learning Update (2011)  What  Content Link   Research goals and outcomes  Study description (PDF)  Results summary  T+D Magazine article (PDF)  Model Graphic  (coming soon)  One-page summary  About Social Learning (PDF)  ASTD Learning System supplement  Learning System Supplement (PDF)  Career Development Action planning  ASTD Career Navigator  Related reference list  Resource list (PDF)
Chema Falcó

Sumnotes, para exportar el texto que hayamos subrayado en un PDF - 8 views

    Si os dedicáis de forma habitual a subrayar los fragmentos más importantes de documentos en PDF, Sumnotes os será de gran utilidad. Permite exportar el texto subrayado en formato Word, plano o Evernote
Joan Belknap

OCR Terminal: Online OCR - Convert PDF to Word, JPEG to Word, - 101 views

    OCR converter, convert pdf, jpg or tiff text to doc, rtf, txt or pdf files. 20 free pages per month. Makes those scanned text pages editable in your favorite application.

"Game Changers: Education and Information Technology" a free publication from EDUCAUSE ... - 7 views

    published by EDUCAUSE, 2012 - asks "How can we reach more learners, more effectively, and with greater impact?" also.... * How will your institution negotiate the new geography of learning? * In a world where information is always accessible, how will teaching and learning change? * What will constitute an institution of higher education in the future? * How do we ready our institutions, our students, and ourselves for what higher education can-and must-become?
    'Game Changers: Education and Information Technologies explores the tools and processes that can improve the quality, flexibility, and scalability of postsecondary education. The book takes a hard look at the education landscape today and asks what that landscape might look like tomorrow. It asks important questions and pushes us to open our minds about how technology will shape the universe of possibility for tomorrow's students' Edited by Diane G. Oblinger
    "Game Changers: Education and Information Technology" a free publication from EDUCAUSE (pdf)
David Davis

ent2010web.pdf (application/pdf Object) - 71 views

    PDF booklet on technology that includes topics such as Universal Design for Learning, Reading, Writing, Science, Virtual Worlds, and Assistive Technology. Free to share.
Roland Gesthuizen - 1 views

    "We have a set of guiding principles, which has informed our planning and  served our network well over the past number of years. Many of these  principles, at least the ideas themselves, did not originate with us but  were gleaned from a variety of sources. We did, however, synthesize  these ideas into a coherent set of principles and provided our own  explanations and clarifications."
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