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Nigel Coutts

Suggested Readings to Inspire Teaching - 45 views

    With the end of the year approaching and holidays looming for some now is the ideal time to share some suggestions for books and papers to read. A great book can provide the inspiration required to begin the new year positively and this list includes some of my favourites from 2015.
Sean Nash

Aligning Philosophy and Practice - nashworld - 26 views

    One of my foundational rules of classroom engagement is simply this: never be the first one to open your mouth and start talking about any topic. Twenty years in the classroom taught me that one. Never assume. Never take prior knowledge for granted. Listen first, then act. Never presume to know what the students in front of you are capable of. They'll show you if you are bold enough to listen.

Reading Between The Lives on Vimeo - 33 views

    Video about reading strategies in college. By Student Voices at Chabot CC in Cal.
Sandy Avoa-Belinga

10 Faulty Teaching Strategies to Avoid - 9 views

    Teachers using effective teaching strategies are never afraid to try new things and are always developing their craft, but must pay attention to their innovations.
MaryLiz Jones

Does Tech Improve Writing Skills? - 63 views

    From Connect Learning Today
H DeWaard

Resources | Teaching Copyright - 107 views

    California based resources but rich site full of lesson plans related to copyright.
    mostly high school level but interesting for all educators

▶ Diigo for Educators (Part 3 of 3) - YouTube - 28 views

    Mostly for the teachers only.
    Mostly for the teachers only.
Julie Golden

Have you taught online? Your opinion is needed! - 13 views

    Please consider taking my survey. It is anonymous, so I won't be able to send a proper thank you. Please know that I will pay your kindness forward to another doctoral student in need and will send warm thoughts out into the universe for you. Thank you for your consideration and for passing this on to eLearning faculty!
alexis alexander

TED-Ed Blog» Blog Archive » 25 awesome apps for teachers, recommended by teac... - 97 views

    "What are the best apps for teachers? We asked TED-Ed Innovative Educators and the TED-Ed community. Below, 25 awesome apps recommended for teachers, by teachers."
Nate White

» Teaching Materials Zinn Education Project - 22 views

    History lessons addressing topics through the lens of Zinn's A People's History of the United States. useful search tools to find materials based on time period or subject matter streamline research time and make the site very useful.
Nigel Coutts

Learning from History - 47 views

    There is an innate beauty and wonder in History. How might we ensure students receive the maximum benefit from their study of History? How do we encourage them to see History as more than content?

10 Things Every College Professor Hates - Business Insider - 42 views

  • 1. Don’t use unprofessional correspondence.
  • 2. Don’t ask the professor if you “missed anything important” during an absence.
  • 4. Don’t ask a question about the readings or assignments until checking the syllabus first.
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • 3. Don’t pack up your things as the class is ending.
  • 6. Don’t grade grub.
  • 5. Don’t get mad if you receive critical feedback.
  • 7. Don’t futz with paper formatting.
  • 8. Don’t pad your introductions and conclusions with fluff.
  • 9. Don’t misrepresent facts as opinions and opinions as facts.
  • 10. Don’t be too cool for school.
    "10 Things Every College Professor Hates"
H DeWaard

The Inside-Out School: A 21st Century Learning Model - 59 views

    The Inside-Out School: A 21st Century Learning Model includes 9 domains with subsidiary skill sets
Julie Golden

Need Your Help!! - 33 views

New Link below. Thanks so much for letting me know. Please consider taking my survey. It is anonymous, so I won't be able to send a proper thank you.Please know that I will pay your kindness forwa...

Web 2.0 elearning collaboration E-learning teaching education higher ed edtech

A Mommy

untitled - 15 views

    Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities.

Create a New Rubric - 46 views

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