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Martin Burrett

Patronage For Teachers - 3 views

    "Schools achieve amazing things everyday, especially when educators and students have the right resources and experience. However, with funding at chronically low levels in many education systems around the world, schools are looking for innovative ways to invest more funds into the classroom, beyond simply asking parents to make up the shortfall.  The idea of patronage for scholars and artisans by philanthropists is nothing new and has its roots in the ancient past."
Glenn Hervieux

Why you aren't blogging more… - The Principal of Change - 43 views

    "The Principal of Change "
Glenn Hervieux

If You Give A Student A Website… - The Edublogger - 56 views

    Educator Ronnie Burt shares his thoughts of what students will do if you give them a blog/website - and what they will learn in the process. Follow up to a presentation.
H DeWaard

What Personalized Learning Is Not | Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension - 55 views

    I seem to have become an advocate for personalized learning, it wasn't intentional, nor do I think I am good one for the cause.  I believe in creating passionate learning environments where all stu...
Alias Librarian

15 Awesome Ways To Use Blogs in Your Classrooms - 99 views

    15 ways to use blogs in the classroom
Roland Gesthuizen

A Wonderful Blogging Rubric for Teachers and Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobi... - 27 views

    "For those of you using or planning to integrating blogging as an instructional activity in class, the rubric below from the University of Wisconsin Stout is definitely a must have. This rubric is available for free and can be downloaded in PDF format." 
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource. On the site there were links that offered several resources for assessments, also. Good find!!
Matt Renwick

Blogging in a Primary Classroom-With Only One iPad! - 34 views

  • Just think of the possibilities this holds for young pre-writers to share the things they create!
  • read the words aloud to the child
  • Students have a choice
Peggy Draver

Academic Aesthetic - 17 views

    This website offers podcasts and tips on blogging and netcasting in Education. Aaron Smith "Heartguy" is an educator who focuses his blog on art, education and technology.
Kasey Bell

Cat Adventures - 36 views

    Check out this students blog! He started it in 2nd grade! Awesome example!
Elizabeth Resnick

Blogging as Pedagogy: Facilitate Learning | Langwitches Blog - 41 views

    Blogging supports 4 areas: Reading, Writing, Reflecting, Sharing.
Martin Burrett

To blog or not to blog - 86 views

    An exploration of the benefits and hurdles to blogging in the classroom and using blogs as a teaching tool
Matt Renwick

Project Time and How My Students Made It Theirs | Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension - 39 views

  • So project time is here to stay, with a few tweaks requested by the kids.  More resources, computers if they are available, and study hall rather than dedicated spelling time.
  • my students are examples of what can happen when we trust kids  to take control of their learning, when we give them freedom to learn.

Vote for your favourite UK Educational Blog - 1 views

    A great list of UK Edu Bloggers

Hiatus - 27 views

    What I learned from the break both I and my students took from blogging.
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