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Nigel Coutts

Collaborative Learning with Google Docs - The Learner's Way - 11 views

    Something is missing from my classroom lately and I am quite happy to have seen it disappear. It is the traditional line at the teacher's desk formed by students awaiting feedback on a recently completed piece of writing. What has replaced this is our use of Google Docs and Slides as a tool for the collaborative development of ideas from initial thinking and strategising through to final editing and refinement. It has introduced a new workflow to the class that both streamlines the process of providing feedback, allows for greater detail and transforms the process into one that is richly collaborative.
Nigel Coutts

Tools for sharing thinking - The Learner's Way - 7 views

    Fortunately there are a number of free tools that do these things and they are available for use on any technology platform as they require nothing more than access to the internet. Recently Eric Sheninger used a set of these tools to give his audience at the Hawker Brownlow Conference on Thinking and Learning in Melbourne a voice.
Nigel Coutts

A healthy dose of scepticism - The Learner's Way - 61 views

    I want my students to be sceptics. I believe that in the present age scepticism is more important than ever. Easy access to information, ease of publishing, scams and confidence tricksters combine to create a climate where blind trust is dangerous for our security, our finances and our knowledge bases. For students of all ages a healthy dose of scepticism is much needed not just so they may reveal falsehoods but to allow them to discover new truths.
Anna Otto

TechieTeacher5280 - 79 views

    Details on the 3 amazing new features in #Google #Slides! #edtech
Clint Heitz

How to Use the New Q&A and Laser Pointer Features of Google Slides @googledocs - 107 views

    I can always count on Richard to provide me with the latest tools and how to use them! Awesome features. Now, I hope Google will add the pointer tool to the mobile app.
    Love it! Anyone know when it will be accessible for all?

分布式计算、统计学习与ADMM算法 | 统计边,生活处 - 3 views

  • 分布式计算、统计学习与ADMM算法
Deborah Baillesderr - 77 views

    This has probably been featured already, but I love this site. You can create any kind of assessment your heart desires. Truly worth checking out.
Glenn Hervieux

Pearltrees - Instructional Design Toolset: Educational Tech. in Higher Ed. - 38 views

    Learn how Pearltrees is used in education and find resources and tutorials on Pearltrees
Sarra Lev

Extensions, Add Ons and Apps, Oh My! How to Utilize Google in Your Classroom | EdSurge ... - 108 views

    • Sarra Lev
      Present.Me is very expensive for a small operation
  • cartoon-explained videos
  • collaborative video projects online
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • annotate notes and embed them in the video
  • Find videos
  • crop videos, add your voice, and embed quizzes and open-ended discussion questions

How to use diigo outliner to train and teach - 106 views

    Brief article on how diigo can help students and teachers and trainers
Nigel Coutts

Between the sprint and the marathon - 12 views

    The start of a new school year brings with it great excitement and just a little sense of panic and chaos. We have new students, new classes, new teachers and new challenges. We spend time getting to know each other and building trust. But what happens next sets the tone for the year and determines our ultimate success.
Clint Heitz

Slides Carnival - 39 views

    Great resource for free, unique presentation templates. Categorized and easy to use in Google Slides.

Data Nuggets - 41 views

    graphing and inquiry activities
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