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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Jim Brinling

Jim Brinling

Education Secretary Arne Duncan - WBUR and NPR's On Point with Tom Ashbrook - 0 views

    The U.S. secretary of education always has a big bully pulpit. President Barack Obama's brand new secretary of education, Chicago's Arne Duncan, has a big bully pulpit plus a huge pile of stimulus money - one hundred billion dollars - to shake up American education.
Matthew Clobridge

Text Note Suggestion - 79 views

started by Matthew Clobridge on 23 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
  • Jim Brinling
    I agree with Matthew. In using diigo in the classroom, a simple text bookmark would be very useful. This could also help with creating abstracts for sources in walled locations like ERIC.

    A formating tool to put selected sources in APA or MLA style to aid in creating a bibliography would be helpful. Something where you select the sources in by checking the box, then selecting a drop down menu for style. Just a thought....

    Matthew Clobridge wrote:
    > It would be nice if students were able to add a simple text "bookmark" independent of a web site. We still want to teach students research from print material. If they had the ability to enter the notes from their print-based research to the same location that they bookmarked the websites they used it would make things much easier. No more bookmarks in Diigo or another platform as well as a separate notebook for print resources -- everything can be one place.
Jim Brinling

Rubric Anyone? - 96 views

rubric assessment diigo skills
started by Jim Brinling on 06 Feb 09 no follow-up yet
  • Jim Brinling
    I've been using diigo in my classes along with my students. My students can see the value of learning the skills associated with this powerful tool. So far, assessment has been a combination of a couple of different rubrics and my own skill delineation.

    Has anyone else developed a rubric to assess the diigo skills of bookmarking, highlighting, tagging, annotating, and sharing?

    If so, I would really appreciate sharing, because its always good to see another's perspective. This is a tool I and my students will continue to use.
Maggie Tsai

[Q&A] Teacher Console - 109 views

started by Maggie Tsai on 25 Nov 08 no follow-up yet
  • Jim Brinling
    After student accounts are set up, many students wanted to change their password to a personal setting. A password they could remember more easily. It would be helpful if the teacher console could reflect the individual student changes.

    Maggie Tsai wrote:
    > To create & manage student accounts and class groups, Teacher Console is your central administration hub.
    > Your personalized Teacher Console, located at, is where you create and manage student accounts and class groups.
    > Your teacher console can be conveniently accessed via the drop-down menu under your username, as illustrated below:
    > Pls let us know any question you may have for its usage - Improvement suggestion welcome as well!
Mike Dionne

Podcasting in Education - 79 views

podcast education teachers students
started by Mike Dionne on 28 Nov 08 no follow-up yet
  • Jim Brinling

    I am new to diigo, and am looking to incorporate social bookmarking in my High School level classes.

    I came upon your post and thought I'd share my blog post Podcasting with Gcast ( ) I taught for ten years at the middle school level although moved to a CFF equipped room in our high school. I mmediately began podcasting and having my students podcast.

    The Good: Their skills and comfort level with producing podcasts is improving. Most students have a basic understanding of how to use audacity, and we've recently begun adding music. Our next step is to use the editing tools more effectively.

    The Bad: I was surprised at the level of apprehension on the part of some students. It is akin to an aversion to public speaking. Curiously, my sophomore class has been more willing to learn the skills of podcast whereas my seniors tend to show more reluctance.

    My podcasting of material has seen mixed results some students welcomed it, other students (seniors) just wanted me to "give them the notes" like all the other teachers.

    Hope that helps, and I'll be checking in to learn more from others.

    Mike Dionne wrote:
    > I am interested in how many of you are podcasting. Do you podcst yourself or with others. Do you have your students podcast? I'd like to hear stories you may have including the good and the bad. If you are interested in being part of an educational podcast please let me know.
    > Thanks so much!
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