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Martin Burrett

Giving Feedback Shouldn't be Boring - And it doesn't have to be by @Hubert_AI - 33 views

    "Anyone who's actively been trying to collect feedback on something knows what a struggle it is. You put down the work, figure out questions, deciding appropriate scales, thinking through how to phrase the questions, rephrase them 3 times more, and then, finally, input everything into your favourite survey tool and press send."
Jeff Andersen

Assessment isn't about bureaucracy but about teaching and learning (opinion) - 12 views

    What Assessment Is Really About

    Measuring student outcomes is ultimately about trying to improve teaching and learning, and professors should both support and lead such efforts, writes Kate Drezek McConnell.
Martin Burrett

Peer or Self-Assessment? Benefits and Challenges by @RichardJARogers - 17 views

    "There's no doubt about it - getting students involved in their own assessment and marking has a wide variety of benefits.

    Take this great summary by Rosario Hernandez at University College Dublin for example, which explains that peer-assessment benefits students in four key ways:

    Promotes high-quality learning
    Contributes to skills development
    Furthers personal development
    Increases students' confidence, reduces stress and improves student motivation"
Martin Burrett

Reflection - Are we part of the problem? by @sheep2763 - 23 views

    "I went shopping at 8 o'clock one evening in my local supermarket (one of the German chains) and was chatting to the man on the checkout who was moaning about his job and his employer.

    He says he has to work very long hours (tonight he was going to finish at 1:00am) - longer than his contract says he should; he gets paid for the hours he works but only at standard hours. He doesn't like some of the jobs, they are not really his responsibility but they have to be done. There is a union but they don't seem to be very helpful. His bosses don't always seem to consider the consequences of their actions - the manager was leaving as I was being served and commented that he'd left two bags of garbage on a till further along and they would need moving in a bit. The man serving was the only person on the tills and he said that between customers (there weren't many at this time of the evening) he had to move the garbage and clean all of the tills then when the store closed he needed to work at changing stock and stacking shelves. As the manager left he turned and said, "I asked Matt if he could stay and help you but he gave an unequivocal no!""
Martin Burrett

Whole Class Feedback Template by @JNewsumEnglish - 55 views

    "Feedback template with sections for SPaG errors, presentation, next steps, targets and more."

Flipgrid - Video for student engagement and formative assessment - 52 views

    Teachers post topics and then students are able to respond with a short video clip. Students can then view and comment on responses (moderated by teacher). Free and paid versions.
Nigel Coutts

Avoiding Assessment Mistakes - The Learner's Way - 57 views

    Assessment is arguably the piece of the learning cycle we get most wrong. Whether looked at from the perspective of the learner, the teacher, the school administrator, the politician or the parent, assessment is misunderstood and poorly utilised as a tool for learning. The importance of changing this situation is only made more salient in light of the countless research studies from the likes of Jon Hattie & Dylan Wiliam that points to the power of effective assessment. So, what are the common mistakes and how might we avoid them?

10 Innovative Formative Assessment Examples for Teachers - 97 views

    Formative Assessment
My name is Ron Hyde

Get your kids pumped up for the big test!!! - 32 views

Test Assessment Video Music resources

started by My name is Ron Hyde on 11 Apr 17 no follow-up yet
Martin Burrett

Kupiter - - 14 views

    "Waste too much time playing Asteroids in your youth? Perhaps it was worthwhile after all! This is a quirky assessment/quiz tool where players answer questions by playing Asteroids. Add questions by typing, uploading from a spreadsheet, or import from Quizlet."
Martin Burrett

A ten-year development plan could keep teachers in job, says Sir David Carter - UKEdCha... - 11 views

    Offering teachers a ten-year development plan, rather than the cyclical 1-year review meeting could be an integral part of keeping teachers in the profession, claimed Sir David Carter today at the GL Assessment conference in Manchester...
Clint Heitz

CATME | Smarter Teamwork Tools - 1 views

    • Assigning students to teams:
      CATME Team-Maker
    • Self and peer evaluations and rating team processes:
      CATME Peer Evaluation
    • Training students to rate teamwork:
      CATME Rater Calibration
    • Training students to work in teams:
      CATME Teamwork Training
    • Making meetings more effective:
      CATME Meeting Support
    • Gather information from students and provide feedback to students.
    • Understand their student teams’ processes, team-members’ contributions, and students’ perspectives on their team experience.
    • Be aware of problems that are occurring on their students’ teams
    • Hold students accountable for contributing to their teams.
    • Use best practices when managing student team experiences.
Ane Leniz Ereño

Know Students Better: 15 Tools for Formative Assessment - Learning in Hand - 128 views

    Great post on the best tools for Formative Assessment.
    15 tresna irakasleok ikasgelan eta ikasgelatik kanpo erabiltzeko
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