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NYCDOE_Create the Digital Image You Want | Piktochart Infographic Editor - 52 views

    This infographic describes how your digital footprint is permanent and how it can positively or negatively affect your future.  Videos included in the infographic discuss how college admissions and future employers use the data found.  Links to various websites on digital citizenship and safety are found at the end.  This is a great lesson to start the school year, especially in a 1:1 district.

UKEdChat 2015 Twitter Use Survey - 12 views

    UKEdChat exploring how educators are using Social Media to improve learning experiences within their classrooms.
H DeWaard

The Web We Need to Give Students - Bright - Medium - 27 views

    "Giving students their own digital domain is a radical act. It gives them the ability to work on the Web and with the We…
Glenn Hervieux

Sylvia Duckworth's Sketchnote collection | Flickr - 45 views

    Sylvia Duckworth's Sketchnote collection
    Thanks Glenn, I'm trying to improve my sketchnoting. These are inspirational!
Glenn Hervieux

Sketchnoting for Beginners - Sylvia Duckworth - 75 views

    Google Slide presentation by Sylvia Duckworth, who has mastered the art of Sketchnoting. I can see some students and teachers really taking to this.

▶ Creating interactive video lessons | education | - YouTube - 106 views

    How to crop, insert questions, and comment on a video clip.
Tony Bollino

Educators Guide to the use of Pinterest in Education ~ Educational Technology and Mobil... - 56 views

    Educators Guide to Pinterest and who to follow.
Matt Renwick

Education Update:Approaching Race from the Inside Out:Why Glorify Failure to Enhance Su... - 10 views

  • When approaching any learning goal, experienced teachers typically know the misunderstandings students are likely to have and the kinds of errors they are likely to make. The key is not to wait for these problems to be verified through an assessment but to build lessons around them.
  • Regular formative assessments paired with structured, high-quality corrective activities can prevent minor errors from becoming major learning problems and failures.
  • Finally, we must help our students understand that the conditions for success are within their control and that we will help them remedy their learning errors when they occur. In other words, we, as teachers, must have a growth orientation to learning, and we must help our students develop the same orientation.
Brendan Murphy

AppoLearning - Home - 26 views

    lists for school
Glenn Hervieux

Why Ed Tech Is Not Transforming How Teachers Teach - Education Week - 114 views

    Discussion on how technology is being used and why we're still struggling to give more control of learning to students. A good read!
    Excellent find!
Lorinda Cain-Bowles

Poverty, family stress are thwarting student success, top teachers say - The Washington... - 42 views

    Biggest barriers to learning
Robert Vigliotti

Kids do a lot better when schools ban smartphones - May. 18, 2015 - 104 views

    Rather than ban what should be a valuable tool in education, how about we teach the students proper usage of smartphones in and out of the classroom?
Martin Burrett

UKED Magazine - May 2015 issue - 22 views

    Free online magazine for teachers, featuring articles on Minecraft in the classroom, Project based learning, subject knowledge, value of field trips, and using GPS to enhance learning.
Nigel Coutts

Is STEM the key? - 39 views

    In June 2014, the Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. Tony Abbott MP acknowledged the significant role that STEM is to play in the nations future. 'There will be significant emphasis in boosting our focus on science, technology, engineering and maths because science is at the heart of a country's competitiveness and it is important that we do not neglect science as we look at the general educational and training schemes.' But what does this mean for schools?
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