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Rachel Hinton

The purpose of aggregating bookmarks for the Diigo in Education group - 119 views

It might be helpful if diigo could provide a way to use the tags to create outlines. It could help categorize resources on large forums like this.

aggregations Diigo education groups purposes moderation noise-to-signal signal-to-noise tools

H DeWaard

Teaching is a 'Way of Being' - Part 1 | Canadian Education Association (CEA) - 23 views

    Excellent teaching requires that teachers possess a particular way of being-not merely own a repertoire of recipes and protocols like the three-part lesson or inquiry lesson plans!
H DeWaard

63 Things Every Student Should Know In A Digital World - 114 views

    63 Things Every Student Should Know In A Digital World
Nigel Coutts

If knowing is obsolete. . . - 51 views

    Speaking in 2013 at 'TED' Sugata Mitra (2013) posed the question 'Could it be that at the point in time when you need to know something, you can find out in two minutes? Could it be that we are heading towards or maybe in a time when knowing is obsolete?'. What does this mean for education?
Matt Renwick

ASCD Express 10.12 - Five Trends That Are Transforming Education - 60 views

  • Microcredentialing, which often takes the form of digital badging or certificates,
  • lack both hard and soft skills
  • Schools evaluate students based on individual improvement

Smithsonian X 3D - 14 views

    The Smithsonian has created online 3D models of some of their collection. Explore these treasures like never before.

Presentation Next - 6 views

    useful Windows app for creating Prezi-like presentations. You can create your presentations offline and they are based of HTML5, meaning that the files can be viewed in most modern browsers, even mobiles and tablets.

Codecast - 0 views

    A simple HTML/CSS editor which updates in real-time. Perfect for teaching to a class on your whiteboard or for students to experiment with.
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