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Martin Burrett

Book Review: 100 ideas for Primary Teachers - Differentiation by @RachelOrr - 0 views

    "When teachers are faced with 30 (or more) pupils who offer such wide a range of abilities in the plethora of subjects that are to be taught, ensuring that all the individuals in the classroom can access the learning on offer. This is where differentiation comes to play, with planning resources, content and activities within each lesson being one of the vast challenges for primary colleagues - planning is needed for pupils from one end of the ability spectrum to the other."

10 strategies for lightning-quick feedback students can REALLY use | Ditch That Textbook - 51 views

  • Bellringers, exit tickets and class polls
    • ddavisfife
      This can be:

      Google Form
      Plickers Activity
      Poll Everywhere
Martin Burrett

20 Tips for a New Trainee Teacher! by @trainingtoteach - 18 views

    Now that I am venturing into my second year as a trainee teacher (yay me!), I've learnt a lot, I've made a lot of mistakes, made friends, made enemies, delivered some brilliant lessons and some so bad, I've wondered if maybe, just maybe I'd be better off sitting in the class, rather than teaching it.
Martin Burrett

Are girls really better at reading than boys - or are the tests painting a false picture? - 18 views

    In reading tests at school, girls tend to be ahead of boys, in all age groups and in all countries. But in young adults, there is suddenly no longer any difference between men's and women's reading skills. Why is that? Could the answer be in the way the tests are designed?
Martin Burrett

A.I. Duet - A piano that responds to you. - - 21 views

    A.I. Duet is a great Artificial Intelligence computer piano keyboard that responds to sequences input through your computer keyboard. Developed using Google's Magenta project, the algorithm uses a neural network to learn how to respond through to the key strokes. Simply use a keyboard, use your computer keys, or even plug in a MIDI keyboard. A.I. Duet is built by Yotam Mann with friends on the Magenta and Creative Lab teams at Google.

Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum - 3 views

    The Partnership for Innovative Instruction is a project of the MN Learning Commons. Our goal is to leverage the power of collaboration and digital resources to launch teachers and students into new learning frontiers. 
Nigel Coutts

Teaching Dispositions for Learning - The Learner's Way - 24 views

    Increasingly we aim to teach dispositions but some care in the use of the term is required as it is easily oversimplified. While teaching for dispositions is encouraged it will have little effect if it means doing little other than engaging with the terminology. If we are to encourage the expansion of the desired dispositions, we must be sure to adequately unpack them and understand the implications in store for our culture of learning. 

Using Bloom's Taxonomy to Write Effective Learning Objectives | TIPS - 54 views

    Writing Objectives Using Bloom's Taxonomy
Martin Burrett

Pupils Writing Memoir : A Great Literacy Topic by @Lit4Pleasure - 12 views

    "As you may have read, this half term we focused on the teaching of memoir.

    In our first week we discussed the genre using our genre-booklets and this created a buzz for the rest of the project. Focusing on the genre and why people write memoir allowed the generating of ideas to happen fairly quickly."
Falah Al-Juhaishi

079a3f379d - 8 views

shared by Falah Al-Juhaishi on 18 Feb 17 - No Cached
Martin Burrett

Pop-up museum by @primarylessons - 40 views

    "A member of staff said to me at INSET last Friday that all they wanted from INSET was to take away at least one idea to make their teaching better or their lessons more exciting. I agree and this was my favourite idea: a pop-up museum."
Martin Burrett

KS1 Internet Safety by @letsjustwaitfor - 16 views

    Contains I can… talk about how I use the internet, that internet takes me to far away paces and people, that staying safe on internet is like staying safe in real life, I understand what info is private and how to keep it that way.
Della Gordon

The Verge - 20 views

    The Verge was founded in 2011 in partnership with Vox Media, and covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture. Its mission is to offer in-depth reporting and long-form feature stories, breaking news coverage, product information, and community content in a unified and cohesive manner.
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