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Nathan Dybvig

BBC Two - The Classroom Experiment - Episode guide - 4 views

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    alternatives to hand raising

WW_SpaceThinkMath.pdf - 1 views

    Making Space for Students to Think Mathematically
Beverly Ozburn

Should every educator be an "innovator"? | The Principal of Change - 0 views

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    • Beverly Ozburn
      think about this and strive to be innovative!  When we do what we have always done, we will get what we've always gotten.  That means we will constantly be behind!
    • Beverly Ozburn
      We all have to be innovative in some way!  Sometimes the best go-to is a student in the room.
Nigel Coutts

Lessons from Oversold and Underused - Looking back to look forward - 49 views

    In 2001 Larry Cuban published his book 'Oversold and Underused - Computers in the Classroom' in which he addresses the effect that the adoption of computer technology has had on education. But what can we learn from this writing as we head towards another revolution in education?
Wayne Holly

How Do We Meet Today's Online Education Challenges? - - 23 views

    Identifying the best possible strategies for online education initiatives is a common goal for instructors, students, course designers, administrators, and technologists alike.
Mary Glackin

3D Printing Heats Up on Campus -- Campus Technology - 10 views

    VA Tech 3D printer vending machine - making 3D printing available on campus
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