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christopher Giles

Best content in Diigo In Education | Diigo - Groups - 35 views

    • christopher Giles
      How do you use Sticky notes and groups with your students?
    • neilwalden2017
      I add all my students to a common group then create a common hashtag that can be embedded in a wiki where all students can see newly populated bookmarks and sticky notes
Dan Bench

Learning in the age of Social Networks - The Learner's Way - 40 views

    Learning is a social endeavour. Schools need to understand that for our students the social landscape has changed. Rather than turning away from this reality we need to understand what it means and what our children need to know and learn to safely maximise the opportunities it brings.
Nigel Coutts

The purposes of our pedagogy - The Learner's Way - 29 views

    The debate over the most effective method of instruction continues as ever and where one stands on the topic is largely influenced by the purposes one attaches to education. Analysing a series of research articles reveals the nature of the debate between advocates of direct instruction compared to those who support a problem based learning methodology.
Joe Hirsch

Decisions: Fewer is Better | LEADx - 24 views

    Fewer decisions = greater happiness. The case for limiting our options.
Martin Burrett

Solar System - - 35 views

    "A useful little web tool which simulates a solar system allowing users to build their own."
Chema Falcó

Ideas - The Learner's Way - 53 views

    Ask any teacher what they wish they had more of and the most common answer is likely to be time. Schools are inherently busy places and there is always much to be done. We all want to meet the needs of every student, add value to their education with breadth and depth, ensure adequate coverage of the curriculum and include aspects of play and discovery. Add up all that is done in a day over and above face-to-face teaching and you can only wonder at how we manage to fit it all into the time we have. So is there an answer to this dilemma, is there a secret method to finding more time in our schedules to achieve all that we want to?

App Recommendations | Mobile Learning - 45 views

    The best way to add these to your iPad is to search for the app name (in bold) using the App Store.
Nigel Coutts

Avoiding Assessment Mistakes - The Learner's Way - 49 views

    Assessment is arguably the piece of the learning cycle we get most wrong. Whether looked at from the perspective of the learner, the teacher, the school administrator, the politician or the parent, assessment is misunderstood and poorly utilised as a tool for learning. The importance of changing this situation is only made more salient in light of the countless research studies from the likes of Jon Hattie & Dylan Wiliam that points to the power of effective assessment. So, what are the common mistakes and how might we avoid them?

What Is Successful Technology Integration? | Edutopia - 22 views

  • Project-Based Activities Incorporating Technology

  • Game-Based Learning and Assessment


Reading Like A Historian | Stanford History Education Group - 11 views

    Stanford History Education Group website for close reading of primary sources
Joe Hirsch

Is your team the right size? | Joe Hirsch - 8 views

    Rule of thumb for right-sizing your team: Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you.
Chema Falcó

Digital Literacy: Teaching Infographics, a sub-genre - 42 views

    Cómo ayudar a crear una infografía
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