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Ann Steckel

WLPPR - breathtaking satellite images of our own planet Earth - 2 views

shared by Ann Steckel about 15 hours ago - No Cached
    "Every pattern on this page is, in fact, a satellite image of our own planet Earth. Which is breathtaking, but strangely unsurprising. Choose one as a wallpaper for your iPhone to always remember who you are and where you come from."
Marc Patton

LearnZillion - 3 views

shared by Marc Patton about 16 hours ago - No Cached
    Join our vibrant community to access thousands of effective, standards-aligned resources.

Brainwaves Video Anthology Is A Great Collection Of Short Videos Of & For Educators... - 48 views

    Bob Greenberg retired from teaching about two years ago and since then has been interviewing educators from around the word and placing these short videos on his Brainwaves Video Anthology YouTube ...
Tricia Rodriguez

Blended Learning Research: The Seven Studies You Need to Know - Digital Education - Edu... - 83 views

    Education Week's new report "Blended Learning: Breaking Down the Barriers" features a story highlighting research on the effectiveness of such techniques.
Joe Hirsch

The 6 C's of Effective Instruction - 104 views

shared by Joe Hirsch on 19 Apr 15 - No Cached
    Six steps to becoming a better teacher.
Martin Burrett

Matific - 36 views

    A superb site and apps full of maths games for primary aged children.
Nigel Coutts

Genius Hour - Why we scaffold - 67 views

    Genius Hour - The idea is simple, identify a block of time and give it over to the students as an opportunity for them to create a learning experience of their own. But while the idea is simple implementing such a plan can be challenging and there are aspects of such a project that require careful planning and a clear philosophical understanding before you begin.
Wayne Holly

Vialogues : Meaningful discussions around video - 124 views

shared by Wayne Holly on 20 Jan 13 - No Cached
    Similar to Voicethread, however it has more features to help guide/scaffold discussions around media content. You can embed these discussions into a CMS or blog page as well.
    Vialogues (which derives from "video dialogues") is an online discussion platform that permits videos to act as powerful teaching resources and the conversation starters. It provides a space for users to hold meaningful, dynamic time-stamped discussions about videos.

    Excellent resource for educators and others interested in using popular culture resources of all sorts as conversation starters with students...
    Creating Short Flipped Lessons.
Marti Pike

Motivating Students: Should Effort Count? | Faculty Focus - 48 views

  • Students are already way too grade oriented.
    • Marti Pike
      Possible Solutions:
      1. start in lower grades
      2. put more rewards on the effort grade
      3. widely publish great effort work
  • that effort will pay off.

SafeShare.TV - The Safest Way To Watch and Share YouTube videos. - 5 views

    Good way to block the comments and show a clean youtube video.
    Use this tool to show YouTube videos without all the distractions - just the video. Can download from there as well

Google My Maps - Mister Sill - 39 views

    Jim Sill's resource for all the secrets to using My Maps
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