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Martin Burrett

Off to #BETT2017? Explore 'UKEdChat's Must Visit' stands - - 0 views

    "we have compiled six specialist lists for delegates, pointing out some of the smaller exhibitors at the show.
    Complimented by a PDF route map, which will be handed out to delegates at the show, the lists and route map suggest stands which might be of interest for educators at the show."

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 6.47.39 PM - 0 views

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Doug Saunders

1:1 Programs and Expectations - Bionic Teaching - 3 views

    • So here’s how our 1:1 has helped students in our school-

      • everyone now has a computer no matter their economic circumstances
      • students have the ability to create all kinds of digital media to express themselves and their ideas
        • music
        • webpages
        • graphics
      • students have the chance to work on this media outside of school hours (that’s key for me- the school day just isn’t enough time)
      • students are learning (sometimes the hard way) how to be responsible for both their digital actions and their computers
      • students are taking part in as well as learning from the participatory web

Duolingo: Home - 46 views

shared by mrtomak on 12 Apr 14 - No Cached
    Duolingo is an intuitive, fun way to learn languages! It contains a variety of activities for both audio and visual learning. It's easy to incorporate this free, cloud-based program into your daily routine.

The 30 Top Education News Stories That Caught Everyone's Eye in 2016 - 31 views

    Link does not seem to work?
Jac Londe

Street Art - Venice - 19 views

    Street Portrait Workshop with Airbnb
Ton Koenraad

EU grants available for courses on integration of technology in (language) education. - 10 views

Those of you eligible for EU grants pls check TELLConsult's renewed offer of ErasmusPlus courses for teachers of Modern Languages and CLIL on a range of topics including: Digital video, Telecollab...

iwb tablet ipad language erasmusplus grant cpd webconferencing differentiation

started by Ton Koenraad on 17 Jan 17 no follow-up yet
Dallas McPheeters

Teaching with Confidence: Advice for New Faculty - 30 views

  • Teaching with Confidence: Advice for New Faculty
    • Dallas McPheeters
      Classic, basic, and simple to apply this answer to what every new teacher wants to know.

A tenured professor asks: Are you scared of your students? (essay) - 32 views

    "Are You Scared of Your Students?
    A professor wonders whether the classroom has become an unsafe space for the faculty."
Dallas McPheeters

Learning and earning: Equipping people to stay ahead of technological change | The Econ... - 32 views

  • Today robotics and artificial intelligence call for another education revolution
  • working lives are so lengthy and so fast-changing that simply cramming more schooling in at the start is not enough. People must also be able to acquire new skills throughout their careers.
  • lifelong learning that exists today mainly benefits high achievers—and is therefore more likely to exacerbate inequality than diminish it.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • a burst at the start and top-ups through company training—is breaking down. One reason is the need for new, and constantly updated, skills.
  • The 19th and 20th centuries saw stunning advances in education. That should be the scale of the ambition today
  • It is easier to learn later in life if you enjoyed the classroom first time around: about 80% of the learners on Coursera already have degrees. Online learning requires some IT literacy, yet one in four adults in the OECD has no or limited experience of computers. Skills atrophy unless they are used, but many low-end jobs give workers little chance to practise them.
  • Lifelong learning starts at school. As a rule, education should not be narrowly vocational. The curriculum needs to teach children how to study and think. A focus on “metacognition” will make them better at picking up skills later in life.
    • Dallas McPheeters
      Lifelong learning begins at home. Otherwise, it's an anomaly to the student's mind and may not be adopted.
  • Pushing people into ever-higher levels of formal education at the start of their lives is not the way to cope.
  • WHEN education fails to keep pace with technology, the result is inequality.
    • Dallas McPheeters
      Inequality was there long before high-tech innovations. The only gap produced by tech is between those with access to networks and devices and those without. two thirds of earth still without access to internet. 
Nigel Coutts

Rethinking Mathematics Education - The Learner's Way - 29 views

    What becomes clear, as you dive further into the emerging research that connects what we know about learning, mindsets, dispositions for learning and the development of mathematical understandings, is that a new approach is required. We need to move away from memorisation and rule based simplifications of mathematics and embrace a model of learning that is challenging and exciting. We can and should be emerging all our students in the beauty and power of mathematics in learning environments full of multiple representations, rich dialogue and collaborative learning. 
Margaret Giacalone

180 Essential 5th grade Vocabulary Words - 32 views

    This packet contains vocabulary words for 5th-grade students. I use this packet for my IEP students.
Shadi Karazi

Storyboard That: The World's Best FREE Online Storyboard Creator - 149 views

    Create storyboards to tell a story. Easy to use tools. Free version and paid version
    I do not see a free version, just a free trial.
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