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Nigel Coutts

Thinking in the Wild - Thinking routines beyond the classroom - The Learner's Way - 15 views

    Despite this being a 'thinking' conference, despite us all being advocates for structured and scaffolded models of thinking, not one group had applied any thinking routines, utilised a collaborative planning protocol or talked about applying an inquiry model or design thinking cycle. It wasn't that we didn't know about them. It wasn't that we don't know how to use them. It wasn't that we don't value them. We had all the knowledge we could desire on the how to and the why of a broad set of thinking tools and anyone of these would have enhanced the process, but we did not use any of them. Why was this the case and what does this reveal about our teaching of these methods to our students?

KQED Teach - 6 views

  • Web annotations are another form of online commentary. But unlike comments at the bottom of a blog, annotation tools such as take the form of digital sticky notes. Readers can share their thoughts right next to text they highlight on a web page. The difference is that anyone we share our annotations with (colleagues, friends, students, for instance) can gain insight into our thinking and join a conversation about that digital text.
    Digital Highlighting
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