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Graham Perrin

Private highlights are not private; they're public at Diigo About and elsewhere - 305 views

private public bug priority gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 09 Jun 09
  • Michael Stiso
    Is there no way to make private highlights, then, other than by making the whole bookmark private?
  • Graham Perrin
    If you're going to describe it as anything, describe it as public.

    Personal will be misleading to some users.
  • Graham Perrin
    1. sign out from Diigo

    2. browse,

    3. for any bookmark, click All annotations or Expand.

    It's all there, with our names all over it. The personal and the public stuff (but nothing private), all together. Plain as day, to the public.

    It's all blended, all obvious. Why bother to describe a fraction of that stuff as personal?


    Just name these things annotations, comments, highlights, whatever.

    Adding personal to the names is misleading, and ultimately unnecessary.
  • Graham Perrin
    An underlying issue:

    * in some environments, simply drawing a highlight - of any description - creates a new bookmark that is public, without notifying the user that publicity occurs

      - as your bookmark is publicised, so your highlights are publicised

    * after the event (creation, public), each such bookmark must be corrected (conversion to private).

    At (not the clearest of topics, sorry) I suggest that the user should be allowed to prefer private as a default for new bookmarks.

    Without this basic preference - privacy from the outset, at the level of the bookmark - discussions of privacy at other levels beomce relatively meaningless. We (Diigo Community) go round and round in circles on this one. And round.

    Pariah Burke wrote:

    > fix the bug

    > I added highlights and annotations to several sites whose
    > bookmarks were not public, yet Diigo exposed my comments and
    > highlights any way.

    To help debug your particular situation(s) please, could you post details to a separate topic? Thanks. We'll need to know things like:

    * your operating system, and version
    * your browser, and version
    * whether you used Diigolet
    * whether you used an installed version of Diigo
    * if an installed version, the version number
    * if an installed version, and if you used more than one computer, whether you preferred privacy as your default in each and every one of the installations
    * etc.


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